No Fletcher Cox, Jason Peters at Eagles OTAs

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Eagles coach Doug Pederson held his first press conference of the Organized Team Activities portion of the offseason on Tuesday and announced that three veteran members of the team were not in attendance.

Defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, left tackle Jason Peters and punter Donnie Jones are not at the voluntary workouts and Pederson said that the team has been in touch with all of their players about why they aren’t there. He didn’t share those reasons and noted that the players aren’t required to be there, but did share a bit more about Cox’s absence.

“The reason’s satisfactory,” Pederson said, via Matt Lombardo of “It’s voluntary program. I’d love for everyone to be here. That’s just me personally. I know it’s not always going to work out that way. Fletcher’s one of the leaders on the football team, guys like that you do expect to be here. I get the rules. We abide by the rules. He’s one of the guys at the end of the day that I’m going to hang my hat on and go to war with.”

Cox also skipped OTAs last year while he was working on a new deal that he ultimately signed in June. He was back for mandatory minicamp and a reprise this year seems likely with no contract squabbles to sort out.

13 responses to “No Fletcher Cox, Jason Peters at Eagles OTAs

  1. No Cox and No Peters?

    The Philadelphia Eunuchs.

    Just saying it makes me Wentz.

  2. June 2016
    102 million dollar contract…
    26 million dollar signing bonus…
    63 million guaranteed…
    No show at OTA’S….
    And it’s satisfactory to you??????
    Be real

  3. As a close friend of the organization much of the teams workload is shouldered by these two gentlemen, therefore it is only prudent to allow them to have an extended vacation

  4. No better way to shape and mold that invisible bond than absenteeism.

  5. Who cares?

    They are both experienced players and there is no need for either of them to be there. Especially Peters.

  6. News flash: more and more veterans choose not to show up to OTAs, which barely resemble real football in any significant way.

    Not a big deal, folks.

  7. Reasonable excuse: Coach, I’m gong to miss OTAs because it’s voluntary per the CBA, which I know coaches and executives love to ignore. I’ll see ya in a few weeks!

  8. Fletcher gets his name mentioned in Star Wars: Rogue One and he thinks he’s big time or something.

    Start by getting double digit sacks consistently EVERY YEAR and THEN you can miss OTAs.

  9. Cox needs to step up his game and develop a better pass rush. If his first move is stopped he doesn’t have a secondary move and he often stops working. He has the talent to put up Aaron Donald numbers but I’m not sure he has the motor and work ethic.

  10. It’s voluntary, however based on his contract he is expected to be a leader and be there and not set an “it does not matter example”. That being said it really does not matter……….at this time. Now if he has a bad start when the season starts it will be an issue and point to him not showing up in OTAs. If he has a great start this will all be forgotten.

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