Raiders’ move led about 1,000 fans to seek ticket refunds

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When the Raiders announced that they’re planning to move to Las Vegas in 2020, they also announced that Oakland fans who want out now can get refunds for season tickets they already purchased. About 1,000 fans took them up on that.

Raiders owner Mark Davis told reporters at the league meeting today that his team issued about 1,000 refunds to fans who were unhappy about the team’s decision to leave Oakland.

Davis added, however, that those refunds aren’t hurting the team’s bottom line: He said all the season tickets that have been refunded have since been purchased by other fans.

The Raiders have a talented young team coming off a playoff season, so they’ll probably continue to have support in Oakland, even if the local fans aren’t happy about the decision to leave. If the Raiders have a disappointing season on the field, however, fan support may evaporate, and a team that has often played in front of thousands of empty seats may find itself getting less local support than ever.

37 responses to “Raiders’ move led about 1,000 fans to seek ticket refunds

  1. Did they extend the same offer to the tarps that cover the entire upper deck on game days??

  2. New respect for Oakland fans. More real fans should have the courage to put their money where their mouth is and not allow the NFL to bully them. The only thing owners understand is profit, and they assume they can get buy with anything and fans will continue to follow them blindly like a bunch of sheep. Three loyal fanbases casualties in about a year after years of supporting their hometime teams–time for some accountability by the owners who only understand a hit to the wallet!

  3. They had a number of victories in close games last season, all that it takes is a few bounces of the ball the other way and they can miss the playoffs. Denver and KC will be contenders, so it is no assurance they can win the division or a wildcard berth.

  4. “He said all the season tickets that have been refunded have since been purchased by ticket agencies that the league owns an interest in and is very happy they can mark them up by 200-300% for the Vegas tourists.”

    Fixed the statement for Davis.

  5. If your a fan why would you not want to see games while you can especially with them having a decent team now? What a bunch of idiots.

  6. raiders have been sold out for over a good 8 years running. even when we were bad.

  7. That means they were Oakland fans, not Raider fans.


    Disagree. It means they were fans with self respect. To me if you pour your heart and sole into rooting for your local team and they dump you to chase the money elsewhere you are a sucker if you keep rooting for them. It’s like your significant other cheats on you, tells you they are going to keep on doing it, and you say “ok, I still love you”.

    Have some pride, they screwed you Oakland, don’t say “please may I have another”

  8. “Oh, it’s ok. We are Rayduh Natshun, the best fast fan base in the hole world. Me don’t care where we go. I got me tv with rabbit ears antenna and besides, the stadium has tarps to protect dem empty seats. Vegas, baby! What country is dat?’

  9. The Broncos have been sold out since the late 60’s. They currently have a waiting list of over 75,000 for season tix.. They have never once, let alone twice, moved the team.

    The Raiders are cheap ladies of the night. Always looking for the next free motel room. Their fans don’t go to games and 20% of their stadium is tarped off and they are yet again moving for local taxpayer handouts in a new town. Tell me baby, am I lying?

    Raider Nation = Not So Much!

  10. When the Raiders suck again, and they will sooner than later, that Vegas joint will be empty. Then they’ll crawl back to Oakland.

  11. if the raiders were still in their down years production wise im sure it would have been more than 1000…..

  12. Why give up your season ticket when you can re-sell them for a profit.
    Well, unless your just done with pro football because of this new greedy NFL crap.

  13. Love all the Raider haters who know how good this team is going to be so they have to make up excuses on why they won’t be good. You guys are really sad and pathetic

  14. and their are thousands more like me who feel it worth every penny to be able to boo every time Mark Davis shows up at O. Co.. Dufus should have sold the team if he can’t afford to own one. I mean leaving the best fans on the planet to chase welfare will bite him in the rear…..Jags will move to Oakland once they leave.

  15. The whole thing is sad. They shouldn’t be moving, the NFL has enough $$$ to build their own stadiums. So stupid.


    loyalty = Raider Nation Baby!

  17. There’s always another dumb raider fan willing to go out and steal enough stuff to buy season tics from a franchise that abandon them.

  18. Funny you guys forgot the part about them reselling those refunded tickets. they sold all of them in a hour.

  19. The 1000 refunded tickets were resold within two hours according to Sam Farmer of the LA Times.

  20. There is a waiting list for tickets. That’s why they were resold within two hours. That’s how long it took them to reissue them to the new season ticket members.

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