Falcons visited league office to determine limits of OTA contact

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Last year, excessive contact during offseason workouts resulted in the Falcons losing a week of Organized Team Activities. This year, the Falcons left nothing to chance.

G.M. Thomas Dimitroff, appearing on a special 70-minute special edition of PFT Live, explained that he and coach Dan Quinn traveled to the league office to obtain specific guidance regarding the things that can and can’t be done during non-contact practices. The Falcons engaged in a comprehensive review of their offseason workouts with the NFL in order to determine the limits of the process.

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18 responses to “Falcons visited league office to determine limits of OTA contact

  1. goodell has a hard-on for punishing
    any and all patriot-related former employees
    whenver or wherever possible

    the jig is up, sheriff goebbels

    pretty soon you’re going to be outnumbered

  2. Well apparently the excessive contact worked in their favor. At least last season.

  3. Every time I see a story on the Falcons I can’t help to think of the Super Bowl when they were 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter and up 25 points.

    That must be very disappointing for the Falcons fans.

    But cheer up. There is no one the Patriots can go back to back. They lost way too many players and coaches………wait…..

  4. WTF is on his head? Is that Jane Fonda?

    Seriously, Looks like a backwards visor. Old guys can sport trends but never start them.

  5. As an NFL GM, he’s well paid, and he must have some sense of the world at large. So what’s with the haircut, that headband (intentional picture Mike), and the generally douchey appearance?

  6. Didn’t they hit the Vikings with this waist-band flex earlier on Thurs?

  7. There is 0 chance draft picks go un-signed because of this.

    The NFLPA is just but hurt the Vikings found a loop hole in the CBA.

  8. No. I doubt anyone has.

    The NFLPA had to get their word in edge-wise. that is all they ever do.

    If the Vikes were really pushing the boundries of a rookie contract I would expect the memo to be league wide…

  9. The Vikings cap/contract guru set a new precedent for the exact minimum where a player eligible for the 5th year option has his contract tolled

    And this is the unions response: if your a rookie don’t sign with the vikes.

    Clearly their plan is working…

  10. Tell me why
    Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache
    Tell me why
    Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake
    Tell me why
    I never want to hear you say
    I want it that way

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