Kaepernick’s Seattle trip was a visit only, not a workout

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Some confusing lingers regarding precisely what it is that happened in Seattle when quarterback Colin Kaepernick came to town. Despite a suggestion in at least one corner of the NFL universe that Kaepernick would be working out for the Seahawks, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Kaepernick merely visited the team.

Significant because it was the first free-agency visit of Kaepernick’s first free-agency tour, it was still only a visit, with no eyeballing of Kaepernick’s current running or throwing abilities. Some would say that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll knows as well as anyone what Kaepernick can do, but it would make sense before signing him to a contract to be the understudy to Russell Wilson to kick the tires a bit.

It’s still unclear what the Seahawks will do, or whether any other team will bring Kaepernick to town for a visit or a workout or, ultimately, an indefinite stay as an employee of the team.

33 responses to “Kaepernick’s Seattle trip was a visit only, not a workout

  1. As a close friend of the organization Colin wanted to workout then visit the same pot shop Ezekiel Elliot went to last year… but as a customer.

  2. The visit was basically like the “job interview” in Fun with Dick & Jane where they bring in all the office workers to laugh at his terrible press conference.

  3. With all the over obsession of the media trying to get a job for their cop-hating social justice warrior … this feels like a “Rooney Rule” visit.

  4. Word is they took him out on the sideline and let him practice kneeling while they played the National Anthem. It’s the only thing he’s good at.
    If the Seahawks or any other team signs him, I’ll be annoyed at them.
    Let him rot in no football hell.

  5. I don’t get it… why wouldn’t you work at least him out while he was there?

    If they are serious about wanting him then that was a big missed opportunity. I suppose the logical conclusion to draw is that they’re not really all that interested.

  6. No confusion… they know he can’t theow so they didnt waste their time. This was just a dog and pony show to keep the likes of Bennett happy and producing

  7. Seattle would be SMART to sign Kaepernick. He would improve their team’s poor chemistry. Kaep is a uniting force in an NFL locker room.

    I know that’s hard for some people here to believe, but it’s true. Fellow NFL players love Kaep, even if some conservative fans don’t.

  8. Still don’t understand why so many in the media openly mocked Tebows throwing motion when Kaepernicks was just as bad if not worse. I mean, look at that picture!!!!

  9. He was merely taking a trip to Eastside Big Tom’s for veggie burger with some GOOP on it.
    Locals will know what I am talking about.

  10. Seahawk fans wondering how Kaepernnick will do in inclement weather should watch the 2016, Week 13 game in snowy Chicago on NFL.com’s GamePass. Kaepernick completed one pass for 5 yards before being replaced by Gabbert in the 4th quarter. New 49er Matt Barkley was 11 for 18 for 192 yards for CHI. Despite Sam Bradford’s overall 71% completion results. He & Bradford were not that far apart on 3rd & 4th down success in passing situations over a 10 game stretch. Bradford was 43 for 116 (37%) & Kaepernick was 38 for 114 (33%). Kaepernick was aided by scrambling for 10 first downs. He only completed 27 passes for first downs in 3rd & 4th down situations. Any assessment of Kaepernick should point out that his receiving corps was third rate. Kaepernick was also sacked 17 times to Bradford’s 9 sacks.

  11. Commonly referred to as “due diligence” which is not quite accurate. The Seahawks don’t mind checking out options, no matter how weird they may seem. The media then decided to hype it up as a done deal when it wasn’t. Now comes the back-pedal.

  12. The media portrays Kaepernick as a good guy only out for justice. They conveniently forget he repeatedly wore socks portraying policemen as pigs.

  13. Didn’t krapernick go to college and study for a career? For everyone crying about krapernick not getting a job, he can put his college education to work and apply for work. The NFL doesn’t owe krapernick a job. It’s time to move on and start your career you studied for in college unless he’s too lazy and doesn’t want to work in the real world.

  14. It’s personal for Kaepernick to remain in NFC West to play against his former team. The only thing is if Kaepernick throws a critical INT, Sherman’s mouth will rupture his eardrum.

  15. Visit means they intend to show Kap and the League they are serious when stating they will examine all options. I suspect no offer was tendered.

  16. Didn’t Seattle have him feast on the dreadful coffee that Seattle is famous for? I’m sure Charbucks would have split the cost of a cup of yesterday’s dirty laundry water with Pete Carroll.

  17. I dunno about just kicking him in the tires. You don’t want to take any chances, so kick him in the rear end a couple time. Land a couple in the trunk, and by all means, kick that grill a few times. It looks bad to me.

  18. He’ll take the crumbs Seattle is offering to hold Wilson’s clipboard. Will Florio write a story about the Seahawks afterwards with a positive spin? Doubt it.

  19. He is not going to risk injury working out for a team that has not sign him to a contract. Besides, Seattle has very little cap space left, so they can only offer him the league minimum.

  20. I wonder if he will end up doing what Tebow is doing and become a minor league baseball player. He has a cannon of an arm and he can be a pitcher. Pitchers can pitch into their 40s.

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