Dolphins may cut Leonte Carroo a year after trading up for him

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Last year, the Dolphins traded a third-round pick, a fourth-round pick and a sixth-round pick to the Vikings to acquire Minnesota’s third-round draft pick, which Miami used on receiver Leonte Carroo. Obviously, the Dolphins thought highly of Carroo’s talents to make a trade like that.

A year later, Carroo has been so disappointing that he may not even make the 53-player roster.

That’s the word from Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, who reports that it is far from certain that Carroo will make the team at the end of the preseason.

The Dolphins gave Carroo every opportunity to contribute as a rookie, putting him in the starting lineup in Week One. But after catching two passes in that game, he caught just one more pass for the rest of the season and was inactive for the last two games of the regular season, and for the playoffs.

That was a disappointing first season in Miami, and if he doesn’t turn things around in a hurry, he won’t even have a second season in Miami.

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  1. I was just commenting on another story that the Vikings used those picks to trade up for Dalvin Cook and acquire a bunch more picks. Given the crap shoot that the NFL draft seems to be, it’s probably a good idea to acquire more picks when you can on the chance that somebody might work out.

  2. The draft is always a no guarantees thing no matter what round the player is drafted in.

    Much wiser to cut bait on a bad player than insist on keeping him on the roster for more years simply because he was a high round draft pick.

    GMs don’t like to do that because they think it makes them look bad, but it actually makes them look smarter. Everybody makes draft picks that don’t work out, keeping them long after it becomes obvious they aren’t going to cut it doesn’t really make you look like you didn’t get a bust.

  3. Barry Jackson is just guessing. It does look like he had a bad year and that looks bad for the trade but look at that kid’s s . He plays like Landry does. Full of intensity and good hands. I don’t see him getting cut unless Ford has a monster camp. Carroo will be that reserve receiver that can can be plugged into any spot if someone gets hurt or needs a breather. I would expect, barring a lopsided camp battle, that the Dolphins will keep the same receivers as last year.

  4. Adam Gase lay down the law last season.. it does not matter if you are a first round pick or an undrafted rookie the best players are going to play.

  5. If he doesn’t have it, don’t hold on to him because he was a draft pick. If a Victor Cruz type guy a FA WR is balling keep him and get rid of the dead weight. Some guys get cut and end up being studs somewhere else.

  6. I know he’s been bad but doesn’t that seem a little premature? Most receivers take a year or two to figure out how to run NFL routes and adjust to the coverages. Not everyone can be Randy Moss.

    Especially not in the third round, even if you traded up to get them.

  7. I wonder what Dion Jordan thinks about the Dolphins trading up for a player and then regrettng it soon after?

  8. An article about a team trading up for a player in the 3rd round that was relatively unknown before and after being drafted.

    This is more about there being nothing to talk about as opposed to this being a story.

    Besides, one season is a bit premature to call someone a bust. Miami has a lot of talent at receiver; I’m sure there are plenty of teams that could use him. The Dolphins have Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills and DeVante Parker at receiver and are also developing Jakeem Grant and Rashawn Scott while adding a rookie in Isaiah Ford. The Browns/Jets collectively have Corey Coleman, Eric Decker and Quincy Enunwa.

    Leonte flashed well last season and would find work in no time. Would love for Miami to keep him but they have a full house.

  9. ricko1112 says:
    May 26, 2017 1:22 PM
    Next year, the Bears will be doing the same thing with Trubisky.


    Reinforcing the PFT commentator stereotype. Well played.

  10. “Dolphins traded a third-round pick, a fourth-round pick and a sixth-round pick to the Vikings to acquire Minnesota’s third-round draft pick..”
    Wait a minute, so the guy was a still 3rd-rounder, you (and some commentors) are acting as though thsi guy was a massive 1st-round bust!

    Whilst he shouldn’t be held onto if he ain’t performing, it’s not his fault that Miami jumped through hoops all to trade a few spots up within the 3rd round to pick him. If anything, this might show that Miami aren’t drafting uber-smart and/or might not be the best at developing the talent they draft – but we also know drafts and the “smarts” on draftee-form etc is more often a crap-shoot.

  11. One year and we’re talking about cutting a guy?

    This seems like click bait.

    It’s not like he’s expecting to start. He’s behind Landry, Stills and Parker.

    Whether he makes the roster or not, I don’t think they are sweating a 4th wide receiver.

  12. hehateme2 says:
    May 26, 2017 1:54 PM
    Carroo may actually replace Landry if he doesn’t come off his salary demands.

    I am not a Dolphins fan but if you are a fan of the game it’s hard not to be a fan of Jarvis Landry, he reminds me of Steve Smith that way. He is a singular talent that brings it on every down and has been one of the better WR’s in the game since he was drafted. Dude is a straight up beast. There are only a handful of receivers in the game that might be adequate replacements for him in that offense and you think a guy that drew 6 targets playing in it is one of them?

    Busts happen, secure GM’s and good coaches don’t waste roster spots because they won’t admit they picked one. Not long ago Miami would have sat on one no matter what but after some time in the wilderness the Dolphins appear to have evolved past that. Even though I’m a Pats fan I find that to be great news because good competition makes for a better season. That is unless it’s from the Jests, even when they are bad their fans are still insufferable. Outside of a couple of trolls with a plethora of user names Miami fans know their football, it’s good to have them back at the adult’s table.

  13. I like Carroo, he’s feisty and plays bigger than he is, at least he did in college. But let’s be honest, we’re talking about a 4th string spot on the team. Miami brought in some really talented receivers like Ford, Morgan, and Stringfellow…Ford was projected in the mid rounds on a lot of boards and most were pretty surprised that Stringfellow didn’t get drafted. Miami is deep at the position and Gase has already shown that he want’s players that can play, no matter the draft spot or position on the team. Personally, I really Like Isaiah Ford and hope he makes the team, he’s a baller. Word is Morgan is impressing people at OTA’s. We’ll see what happens.

    In Gase we trust.

  14. Receiver may be one of the toughest positions to transition into the NFL, because of the complete and utter lack of route trees in college football. There is so much sight-adjustment that rookies have to learn, on top of figuring out how to get open against guys that are not physically inferior to them (most of their college competition).

    To give up on a WR after one season is foolish at best. It is rare when they dominate as rookies, but it is also rare that they flame out as rookies as well.

    Gase is aggressive, but he is far from dumb. He will push him, but also put the WR in charge of getting him ready. Caroo has the ability to be a good player. They need to find out how much desire he has to be a good player.

  15. When we drafted this kid I went to his YouTube highlights and he was a baller. I’m no GM but it didn’t look like a terrible pick. Even 1st rounders are a coin flip.

  16. The entirety of Barry Jackson’s writing about Carroo in the linked article is this: “Leonte Carroo is the front-runner for the No. 4 receiver job based on draft pedigree, but it is not absolutely certain that he will make the team. There are several formidable challengers.”

    Many leaps were made from that for this PFT post.

  17. Or maybe he gets the message and like Ajayi turns his football career around.

  18. The Dolphins start a rookie at WR with a bum like Tannehill throwing him the ball and they expect immediate results? Talk about a no-win situation.

  19. Carroo, was an outstanding WR at Rutgers. So he had a hiccup in his first season. Not everybody gets it right away. Sometimes it just takes a couple of two to three seasons for some guys. Carroo has a great set of hands, & knows how to make this happen in the open field. But, he sure has a whole lot of competition against him in this years training camp. If he doesn’t get on the ball real fast the Dolphins will leave him behind! And they should do just that too!! You want them to develop, but when people come in & there behind you on the play book, but are showing there ahead of you on the playing field, then of course the team needs to keep the better player & cut the dead weight! John

  20. I loved Caroo at Rutgers, he was a beast. I loved that the Fins went and got him but didn’t like the total cost. People often forget the cost if he turns out to be a stud. Something tells me the cost is about to become an issue with a lot of people……

  21. The exact same reporter broke the story that Gase finally knows how to use Carroo. We won’t know anything until camp this story has no value.

  22. pierrepoint1 says:
    May 26, 2017 7:01 PM
    So the Dolphins paid $1.1 million to a receiver for 3 catches?

    How much did the Vikings pay Bridgewater for no passes?

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