Cowboys plan “significant” role for Ryan Switzer

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The Cowboys drafted a slot receiver when they already have a slot receiver. But rookie Ryan Switzer won’t simply be the backup to Cole Beasley.

Via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys plan to put both players on the field at the same time.

“He’s a classic slot receiver,” offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said, via Machota. “He has a similar game [to Beasley], but he has his own things. We would really like those two guys to be able to complement each other and run real similar route trees. Certainly a huge bonus with him is his ability to be a returner in our special teams.”

With Beasley taking care of a sore hamstring, Switzer has been getting first-team reps in the slot.

“His role is significant,” Lineman said. “You can see right now he’s getting reps that we wouldn’t have . . . if he wasn’t here. He complements Beasley and also gives us some big-time needed depth at that position.”

Switzer also has big-time skill. Earlier this week, he made a one-handed catch at the sideline and got both feet in before stepping out.

It makes sense to have two slot receivers, beyond depth concerns. There are two slots, and the notion of having Beasley on the inside of one wideout and Switzer on the inside of the other creates fascinating possibilities for the offense, regardless of whether Ezekiel Elliott is lined up in the backfield or Jason Witten is playing tight end.

15 responses to “Cowboys plan “significant” role for Ryan Switzer

  1. I’m no Cowboys fan, but Switzer was a good pick up. Wait ’till the Bears find out that it was Switzer who made Trubisky look like an NFL-caliber QB.

  2. Using both SR, especially with Dak utilizing the RO tree, makes total sense. Remember, NE used both Welker and Edelman at the same time.

  3. ————————————————–
    MichaelEdits says:
    May 27, 2017 11:58 AM
    For a moment I thought they said Barry Switzer.

    I don’t believe he’s related to Barry, but if I’m not mistaken, I think he is the heir apparent to Baer, the makers of Alka-Switzer.

  4. bigbluedeadhead says:
    May 27, 2017 5:04 PM
    Good. Maybe they could run the same crossing route and run right into each other.

    That’s an absolutely terrible troll. You should be ashamed.

    * unless your under the age of 7

  5. If the Cowboys use Beasley and Switzer the same way the Patriots use their receivers, expect many, many illegal pick plays that won’t get flagged!! Awesome!!

  6. @tylawspick6

    at least our 5 Super Bowl victories don’t have an * beside them just like some team from the state of Mass.

  7. This guy was a solid pick and while his UNC numbers were not off the charts, he kept drives alive. His awareness of field position and sideline catches were spectacular. He was the unsung Hero in Chapel Hill. Trubisky owes everything to him. The offensive trends come and go in the NFL… the short passing game (the Patriots) is just starting up. Having Switzer and Beasley is unstoppable against LBs and Safety coverage.

  8. It seems every time a skill position player is white and people have high hopes for him, some folks seem to think that it’s just because he’s white (because, you know, racist white folk), and then trash the guy, like they want him to fail and with him go all of white people’s hope for ‘a great white hope”.

    Bitter people, I tell ya.

  9. This guy will be awesome in the Cowboys scheme. Who will cover him in all the under patterns? And if you go to sleep on him in the under routes, he’ll double move you and go 75 yards. Go ahead all you haters. I want to see the defensive scheme that can cover Dez, Witton, Beasley, Switzer, and Zeke out of the backfield. Can’t be done. Dak will have a crazy year without question. And what difference does Switzer’s color have to do with anything? It’s just the reverse of the old “black guys can’t play quarterback” argument. It’s just stupid.

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