Lions add Matt Asiata to running back depth chart

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A month after passing on running backs in the draft, the Lions have decided to add one in free agency.

Former Vikings running back Matt Asiata has agreed to terms with the Lions, who worked him out early this month.

“Anybody knows who has seen him work, he’s a good special-teamer,” Lions coach Jim Caldwell said of Asiata. “He’s tough. He’s a very good pass protector and he carries the ball. He runs behind his pads. He’s always been a very, very effective player in this league.”

Asiata is, along with John Kuhn, one of only two running backs in the NFL who has averaged less than four yards a carry in each of the last five seasons. So it’s safe to say the Lions won’t be counting on Asiata to break many long runs. But as a short yardage back and special teams contributor he may be able to help the Lions. He joins a depth chart in Detroit that also includes Ameer Abdullah, Theo Riddick, Zach Zenner and Dwayne Washington.

13 responses to “Lions add Matt Asiata to running back depth chart

  1. Asiata’s signing pretty much seals the fate of the barneys. They’ll be swimming against the current in the toilet bowl to keep from being once again a smelly turd flushed into irrelevancy.

  2. If you need 3 yards Asiata will get you 1. If you need 1 yard he will get you 0. Painful to watch him in the red zone last year. You can blame the line all you want but you should gain at least a yard, 36 inches for petes sake.

  3. As a Viking 4Life since 1968 with Matt Asiata if you need two yards he’ll get you two yards, if you need five yards-he’ll get you two yards! Good luck Matt and thank you……………….

  4. Long Time Lions Fan Here,

    A small but solid signing. Detroit was near the bottom of the league last year in the % of their rushing attempts which went for a loss. They had zero short yardage backs on the roster. At least Asiata gives the Lions a partial chance to run on 3-and-1 (or 2). Situational pickup with low risk/tiny contract.

  5. P.S. you Lions fans remember the one good game he had against you at the end of the season-what was it a couple of years ago? That’s not who you’re getting. There’s a reason he’s never run for many yards, he’s a situational back. Much like Adrian Peterson he won’t be doing much of anything unfortunately. I saw every play Adrian Peterson ran for the Vikings and Likewise I saw every play Matt Asiata has run-it’s no coincidence, there’s a reason they’re both gone, their best days are gone. Good luck and best wishes to both-but the Vikings are about to take over, laugh now but the bear is waking up-remember I told you so……….

  6. Lions GM Bob Quinn is not afraid to cut vets he signed in the offseason during training camp. Just ask Geoff Schwartz and Stephan Ridley.

  7. sterling7 says: baneys are about to take over……


    Aren’t you the same dolt that said the same thing after the barney’s 5-0 start last season?


  8. dawoger says:
    May 27, 2017 4:35 PM

    sterling7 says: baneys are about to take over……


    Aren’t you the same dolt that said the same thing after the barney’s 5-0 start last season? Btw, I’m a douche.
    Well done.

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