OBJ drops a hint as to his mindset, otherwise remains silent

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Let me begin by saying this: Odell Beckham Jr. has every right to not show up for voluntary workouts. The problem at this point isn’t his absence but his failure to provide any explanation for it.

Often, players stay away in order to exert leverage, with the goal of getting a new contract. Also, and as PFT has recently pointed out, if all players were to band together and boycott voluntary workouts, they’d quickly get a major concession from the league in order to make those mandatory-as-a-practical matter practices truly mandatory. The problem as it relates to Beckham’s decision to treat voluntary-in-name-only workouts as optional is that he has provided no information, directly or via leaks from his representatives to the media, as to the reason(s) for his absence.

Regardless of whether no player must be present, Beckham’s teammates are. As they do things they’d probably prefer not to do but feel like they should do in order to properly prepare for the coming season, it would be useful to at least know why one of their highest-profile teammates believes he doesn’t need to join them. (If any of them had access to Beckham’s reasoning and wanted to knock down the criticism of Beckham, those teammates would be the ones sharing with the public the reason(s) for Beckham’s absence.)

Instead, Beckham has built a mystery, opting to work out with people like Johnny Manziel and Cris Carter in the very same week that OTAs began. The obvious reaction to the timing is why wait until the very week when OTAs began to work out with Manziel and Carter?

Likewise, and as noted here on Friday, Beckham’s decision to engage in workouts and drills away from the team puts his 2017 salary and his fifth-year guaranteed-only-for-an-injury-happening-at-work option a risk. As a result, more than $10 million is riding on Beckham not suffering, for example, a Teddy Bridgewater-style catastrophic knee injury while not on Giants property.

And yet the silence from Beckham as to the reason(s) for his absence continues. Most recently, Beckham has added a twist of defiance and hinted at his mindset, retweeting via his Twitter page messages attacking those who have criticized Beckham for not showing up.

Consider these tweets from Roland Martin that were repeated by Beckham: (1) “If the workouts are VOLUNTARY, then he doesn’t have to show up“; (2) “I’m sick of folks acting like star athletes must always do what a coach asks“; and (3) “When training camp is mandatory, then show up.”

At a time when the Giants have made it clear that they expect Beckham to mature, it’s fair to ask whether Beckham is handling his business in a mature way. Yes, he has every right to stay away. But his stubborn silence has created a vacuum for hot takes, assorted speculation, and ultimately another distraction.

If Beckham were to simply announce his plans and, if he doesn’t plan to show up until the workouts become mandatory, some tangible reason other than “it’s voluntary,” the cottage industry arising from trying to figure out where he is and what he’s doing and why he’s not with the team and whether he’s going to join his teammates will grow. As will the questions for his coach and teammates who are left to explain that which Beckham, for whatever reason, won’t.

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  1. Judging by the way you always beat the union drum, it seems you are either trying out for the union band or you want to toss your name in the hat the next time Smith’s job is up for renewal. 😉 Maybe you would do a better job, maybe not but it would be fun to watch.

    You are consistent in your views when it comes to players vs management. I would simply like to point out that there are 3 entities involved rather than the 2 everybody can easily point to.

    1) Players/union–fights for individual and collective rights of the players

    2) Club/management (owner and GM)–fights for their business interests and (sometimes) the future of the game itself

    The third one is the one that the fans actually care about…

    3) Team–collection of players and coaches (and certain aspects of GM duties) that tries to collectively improve personnel, schemes and abilities in order to accomplish the common goal of winning games. This is the end result of the fans’ money and enthusiasm.

  2. He’s planning to run away with the place kicking practice net. I’m sure they’ll be very happy together.
    Shouldn’t fee badly about being shut down by the Packers’ pass defense – they were dynamite last year!

  3. If they want players to be at OTAs. Then ownership needs to give up something during the next CBA to get players to agree to it. Otherwise I get sick of hearing about people not showing up for voluntary workouts. Either they are voluntary or not.

  4. I don’t see why he has to give any reason at all. This is his time off he and all players can do what they want with whom ever they want. I am sure that you don’t tell your Co- worker’s what you are doing or for that matter with whom you are doing it with. Bottom line it’s the players time off so bug off.

  5. I don’t see why he has to give any reason at all. This is his time off he and all players can do what they want with whom ever they want. I am sure that you don’t tell your Co- worker’s what you are doing or for that matter with whom you are doing it with. Bottom line it’s the players time off so bug off
    Already will you.

  6. As a Giants fan, I was hoping that OBJ was going to really work on his maturity on the offseason. Come back fresh and more mature for the 2017-2018 season. Apparently that’s not the case, as he’s already a distraction and the season hasn’t even officially started (with team-official workouts and practices I mean).

    So goes another year with the Giants missing the playoffs. So glad I didn’t buy an OBJ jersey as I don’t see him on the Giants for much longer and I see other teams not picking him up due to the drama. Sounds like T.O. all over again…. $10m talent, $0.10 brain.

  7. As an Eagles fan, Baby Beckham, John Mara and Ben McAdoof are all blessings to the Giants organization. Keep it up, guys!

  8. Why does OBJ owe the media (or fans) any explanation? As long as he is communicating with the Giants, I don’t see any problem.

  9. What does Carter and Manziel have in common besides a history of extreme substance abuse and addiction? Now, where does OBJ fit in? Hmmm …

  10. the greatest trick trolls ever pulled was convincing everyone to call them “media.”

  11. vjllsduckfan65 says:
    May 27, 2017 1:27 PM
    Bkostela did you read the article? He is NOT communicating with the Giants..hence the problem

    Where in the article does it say Beckham isn’t communicating with the team?

  12. He also had every right to spend the Sunday night before the playoff game partying in South Beach. He has the right to do many things and others have the right to criticize him.

  13. cobrala2 says:
    May 27, 2017 12:56 PM
    As an Eagles fan, Baby Beckham, John Mara and Ben McAdoof are all blessings to the Giants organization. Keep it up, guys!

    As a Giants fan, the Eagles are a blessing to the whole NFC East. You guys have been saying “next year’s our year” for almost 60 years now!

  14. So, I guess OBJ is this years “Tebow”, meaning every day we can expect one or more stories about him.

  15. All your posts on players not showing up for VOLUNTARY workouts read like you seem to expect that you are ENTITLED to an explanation.

    OBJ or anyone not showing up doesn’t need to explain themselves. I’m sure if it’s important to them to explain themselves to team and coaches they’ve already done so. Even that is not required.

    I know you guys have stories to write but WGAS – when the workouts / camps become mandatory and the player doesn’t show up THEN we are entitled to an explanation.

  16. Why is it that Kaepernick can refuse to stand for the anthem and make a political stand at his job, causing a mess. Then support Castro, then call cops murderers and wear pig socks when he’s playing badly….plus when he was half decent he was the biggest show bot self centered player on the field…yet PFT lobbies for him to have a job daily.

    OBJ skips VOLUNTARY workouts and there’s a daily article making it seem like he’s an uncommitted disaster! I don’t have a dog in the fight either way but come on now. The personal adjenda in reporting here is kinda blatant.

  17. Its my take that OTA’s while voluntary its a bad look professionally not to attend.

    Borderline players/average players need to attend to show coaches they’re all in and impress. Star players need to show up or else it sets a bad precedent with younger players even some veterans.

    Now only time its excusable is when a player is training somewhere else in the belief theyre improving more than they would in OTAs. Given Beckhams history and who he’s training with, I can see why hes getting the flack.

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