Saints taking it slow with Hau’oli Kikaha’s third ACL tear

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Saints linebacker Hau’oli Kikaha is a talented pass rusher who showed promise as a rookie when the Saints drafted him in the second round in 2015. But he has bad knees, and for now getting his knees healthy is his highest offseason priority.

Kikaha tore his ACL during offseason workouts a year ago, and he also tore his ACL twice in college at Washington. Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen said they’re holding him out of team drills because they want to make sure he’ll be completely healthy when the season starts.

“He’s doing really well. He’s going through some individual drills, he’s taking part in the walk-through,” Allen said. “I think the training staff, I think we’re going to be smart with him.”

Allen said Kikaha, who had four sacks and four forced fumbles in 2015, was off to a good start in the 2016 offseason when he tore his ACL.

“The key is to make sure he’s healthy and ready to go,” Allen said. “Whatever we have to do to have him full go and ready to go through training camp and the season, I think that’s what the plan will be.”

With Kikaha’s history, it’s fair to wonder how long the Saints can expect him to stay healthy. They at least want him to be healthy when the regular season begins.

11 responses to “Saints taking it slow with Hau’oli Kikaha’s third ACL tear

  1. 3 ACLS tears?
    I’m sorry, but he’s done.
    And I’d never draft a player who tore their ACL twice in college.

  2. Really – you mean they don’t have him out there doin 3 cone reps 3months before camp?

  3. ACL tears are a lot easier to recover from, thanks to tech developments. It’s definitely not a sure thing that he will come back, but this guy is hungry.
    If you put him on a pitch count, he could still possibly contribute to the team.
    He is a hard worker, I wouldn’t put it past him.

  4. intrafinesse says:
    May 27, 2017 7:52 AM
    3 ACLS tears?
    I’m sorry, but he’s done.
    And I’d never draft a player who tore their ACL twice in college.


    Modern medicine is greater than it used to be, which is why coaches aren’t quick to count out talented players. Thomas Davis, Panthers LB had THREE ACL tears on the same knee and went on to have Pro Bowl years after the third tear.

  5. Maybe he does have heart and desire….that will get him a walking cane or wheelchair at this rate. Retire Son, use your college education and save your body

  6. The Saints added a good new safety, 3 good new linebackers, and a good new cornerback to go along with the other good CBs coming back from last year’s injuries. Cam Jordan, Fairley and Rankins will be great on the line with either Kikaha or new free agent Okafer. Plus, with new coach Nolan you can expect a major turn around for the Saints’ D. Possibly top 10, along with a top 2 offense. Looking very similar to 2009 team.

  7. Washington will pick this guy up and give him paychecks for doing nothing – they do this with Junior Fat Boy who has phoned it in for two years. He is now inventing another reason to sit out a season with a paycheck.

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