Coby Fleener expecting better things in second Saints season

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The Saints signed tight end Coby Fleener to a five-year contract last offseason and spent the summer trying to find his place in the team’s offense.

That process didn’t play out exactly as hoped for Fleener, who finished his first year in New Orleans with 50 catches for 631 yards and three touchdowns. That’s hardly terrible production, but it was a drop from what they got from Benjamin Watson in 2015 and Fleener said last week that it “absolutely could have been better.”

He expects it will be better now that he’s immersed in the system.

“I think anytime you’re trying to learn a new offense, trying to learn a language, trying to learn something of that nature, going through it under pressure, going through it for a year really helps,” Fleener said, via the New Orleans Advocate.

Brandin Cooks was targeted 117 times last season, which means that there should be plenty of passes heading in different directions during the 2017 season. Some will go to new arrival Ted Ginn, but a more comfortable Fleener should be in position to see more balls than he did last year and do more with them.

6 responses to “Coby Fleener expecting better things in second Saints season

  1. I just don’t see what Loomis sees in some of these over paid FA’s. Byrd was a train-wreck and this guy had issues holding onto the ball when he was in Indy. I will say i like the Ginn signing for the price, Drew needs an outside speedster to stretch the field.

  2. The one thing Fleener has going for him is he’s a quick learner, so I don’t think that is his problem at all. Fleener is just a tweener (and I’m not trying to be funny). He can’t block, so he probably tries to put on weight and strength, and then he can’t run. He’s not quick enough to be WR, even when he’s skinny. He definitely can’t run after the catch, and I’m still waiting for him to break a tackle. There have been a lot of good TE’s who weren’t the fastest, but those guys make the tough catches over the middle. Fleener isn’t reliable there either. I’m sure he’s a nice kid, and coaches will like him, so he’ll have a lengthy career, even if he bounces around from team to team a lot.

  3. Fleener was targeted 81 times, but missed 31 passes. & it was all Brees’ fault. He has bad hands. 1 good game & 1 average game out of 16…….?!!! It’s amazing how Michael Thomas, Snead & Cooks picked up on the offense their 1 seasons……but everyone likes excuses to soften the blow of being crap.

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