John Harbaugh lobbied for loosening the celebration rules


Ravens coach John Harbaugh deserves some of the credit for the NFL’s decision to ease up on celebration penalties.

Harbaugh confirmed that he’s been stating his case within the league for calling fewer penalties on celebrations, saying the game of football ought to be fun.

“Let’s have some fun. Let’s enjoy it,” Harbaugh said. “I really like it when our guys celebrate. I like it when our guys score touchdowns. I want to score a lot of touchdowns. I want to see a lot of celebrations. I want our guys to have fun, and I want our fans to have fun.”

Although Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is a vocal critic of the NFL’s new, more relaxed celebration rules, Harbaugh says he doesn’t think there was much opposition to the rule change.

“Some of these decisions are really tough that the decision-makers in the NFL have to make, and they are close calls,” he said. “This was not one of them. This was an easy one, and I think they did the right thing.”

Most fans seem to agree.

37 responses to “John Harbaugh lobbied for loosening the celebration rules

  1. This will devolve quickly because so many of these guys will be trying to one up the last guy. Act like you’ve done it before and are going to do it again.

  2. I do wonder if Unitas, Berry, Mackey, Moore, and a multitude of others “had fun” without all the “LOOK AT ME” ridiculous celebrations. Best comment is “Act like you’ve been there before” (forgot who said it)

  3. Hiding a sharpie in the goalpost isn’t bad rules it’s bad coaching, or lack of. Focus should be on winning not which player scores.

  4. It’s too much to ask these spoiled brat NFL players to just act like professionals when they score. No, they have to spend time creating stupid dances or other celebrations so they get more spotlight time on nitwit sports networks like ESPN and the NFL Network.

    I am sick and tired of many of these NFL players. They should be spending all of their time trying to be the best players they can be and leave all this grandstanding crap to the WWE.

    Where have you gone Barry Sanders? You scored plenty of TD’s in your career and just handed the ball to the official like the true professional you were.

    As for Harbaugh, he and his brother are two of the most arrogant coaches in the coaching business. John Harbaugh had a former LB’er who was involved in the cover up of a murder, so we all know about his credibility.

    If the network game directors had any brains, they’d cut away from the guys as soon as they score a TD so as not to show their contrived, childish celebrations.

    The NFL used to be such a great game, but a lot of the luster has gone out of for me. It’s because of a phony Commissioner, greedy owners, and far too many nitwit players.

    And they wonder why their ratings are declining.

  5. Remember to link to this article when John Harbaugh is complaining about an opposing player’s celebration after they score a TD against the Ravens.

  6. There are jobs where lives are literally at stake if the professional involved makes a mistake. If anyone has a right to celebrate it would be, let’s say, an airline pilot.

    I’m picturing a pilot dancing down the aisle, possibly pantomiming an untoward gesture in celebration of safely bringing 300 people from 30,000′ to the ground.

    yup, seems silly to me as well. Now scale that down to TD celebrations and it should start to make sense.

  7. Celebrations are childish and very un- professional. They shouldn’t be allowed in a sport where discipline and ” TEAM ” work are essential to the bottom line.

  8. We’ll see how much he likes celebrations when Antonio Brown scores his third TD in a game at M&T Bank and tests the limits of taste.

  9. Well to be fair, his team doesn’t really score all that much somwhen they do he would like them to celebrate

  10. At least it’ll be one rule Crybaugh has actually read up on. Shame he won’t get to use it much.

  11. Lighten up people. TD celebrations aren’t the end of the world. They are fun and most fans enjoy them. Didn’t realize so many people were Debbie Downers. As long as it’s PG rated I will enjoy them.

  12. “Remember to link to this article when John Harbaugh is complaining about an opposing player’s celebration after they score a TD against the Ravens.”

    Lolz I bet 100% you’re correct.

    They want to spike the ball fine, but twerking, grabbing your crotch and most of the other things they do are immature crap that is not entertaining and only shows the limited mental development of a given player.

    So many of these guys have an 8 year old’s mental grasp of the world around them in a man’s body. They’ve been so enabled by their parents, teachers, professors and coaches over the years that they haven’t been forced to mature properly.

  13. NFL refers to their “business” as a game. The players refer to the “game” as a business. You can’t have it both ways.

    Used to be a celebration consisted of high fives, chest bumps and a group roar from the offense, ON THE SIDELINES. Hence the old maxim, “Act like you’ve been there before”. I ‘m so sick of these meatheads celebrating every meaningless tackle for a two yard loss with two minutes remaining, while getting blown up 38-10, or the ever-sickening first down signal after a 4 yard reception from a third string receiver (thanks, CC. And I’m perfectly clear he’s got a gold jacket).

    Man, I really miss NFL football…

  14. “Ravens coach John Harbaugh deserves some of the credit for the NFL’s decision to ease up on celebration penalties.”

    Nope, that was Goodell. 100 percent Goodell, didn’t you read his letter? He ‘talked to over 80 current and former players on the subject’ and maybe Harbaugh was one of them but the credit is all Roger’s. He loves the players and what’s important to them is important to him. He wants them to be happy and dance. Oh and to be safe, yeah that too. Roger loses sleep over that.

  15. If I had to guess, I’d say the average age of those posting here is somewhere north of 40 (50?).

    “Back in the day” posts lamenting the times we wore suits and ties to the games, when players scored and simply walked to the sidelines, when Superbowls were won and players were privately chided for hoisting the Lombardi Trophy above their head and newspapers only printed the actual scores of the games without calling attention to any one player’s accomplishments.

    Seriously, it’s as if we’ve completely forgotten about the Lambeau Leap or the Fun Bunch, or guys like Billy White Shoes Johnson’s chicken dance, or the Ickey Shuffle. We banned all of that “for the good of the game.”

    Did getting rid of any of that actually make the game better? Not in my opinion. Will bringing it back make it better? No, but it will certainly add to the entertainment value, and for me, that’s a plus.

  16. jdilly- I am over 40, and 50 as well. Mike Ditka has mellowed significantly but take him, Hacksaw, Jack Lambert and Too-Tall onto a modern football field and see how many targeting, unnecessary roughness or game ejection flags would fly. It would be blizzard like. Clowns would be carried off the field.

    I could however get behind Cam Newton tapping and singing “Camptown Ladies”!

  17. I’m a football fan. I tune in on Sunday to watch football. I personally don’t see some clown pretending a football is an infant or a pillow as being entertaining. Having said that, I’m all about democracy. If the majority of fans are that easily amused, they should have their way. In fact, I think the league should reinstate the rules governing practice times per the previous CBA, with the proviso that 80% or so of practice time be dedicated to working on celebration routines. Lord knows that’s what the players would need the most work on.

  18. You guys act like they can now celebrate anyway they want. They still cant use props or get in the other players face. Its a relax of the rules, not a removal of the rule.

  19. The last Jets TD celebration occurred in 1994 and involved a simulated game of Pogs.

  20. The point is, the focus is supposed to be on the game, not all this peripheral crap.
    That’s why I dislike these contrived celebrations — they take away from the game itself. Because as sure as I’m typing this, the opening segment of all the football shows will be guys celebrating, not the game itself.
    I consider myself a football purest. The game itself is what I care about seeing, not some Ted Mack Amateur Hour bush league celebrating by a bunch of overpaid morons.
    And to those of you who say the game isn’t as fun without this crap, I say you should find another sport to watch such as ice skating or ballet.
    I repeat — the only focus should be on what happens between the lines which affects the outcome of the game. I don’t want to see these stupid celebrations, or some jerky owner up in his luxury owner (see Jerruh Jones, for instance), or some fan dressed up as a circus clown, or anything else which isn’t directly related to the outcome of the game.
    And just so you know, I’m a Packers fan who has been saying I hate the Lambeau Leap for years. My number one complaint is that a player could get injured by doing it, but I also think it should have ended after LeRoy Butler invented it on a spur of the moment decision when he scored a TD after an interception. It’s just so embarrassing and contrived now.
    I wish Mike McCarthy would tell the players to knock it off before someone gets hurt doing it.

  21. The “celebrations” are done by self absorbed players. T.O. and Chad killed these things. I blame the networks for showing this garbage. Authentic reaction great contrived nonsense never.

  22. If the NFL wanted to stop celebrations, they’d stop filming as soon as a player crossed the line and go straight to instant replay for 20 minutes and break into a philosophical debate on what defines a catch and the existential meaning behind the imaginary plane that either defines a player’s success…or doesn’t.

    A score, or not a score, this is the question!

    In all honesty, I have grown so much closer to the game of football ever since they went away from showing any emotion and former QB’s started passing themselves off as academics while they debate the finer points of instant replay and we all sit there and watch the same play over and over and over and over again trying to get a peek at something, anything in the hopes that the Gods will shine down on us for just a brief moment.

    Come to think of it, just like we used to watch porn when the channels were scrambled…

  23. liquidchaoss says:
    May 28, 2017 12:28 PM
    You guys act like they can now celebrate anyway they want. They still cant use props or get in the other players face. Its a relax of the rules, not a removal of the rule.

    No props! How unfair! These guys will certainly need therapy later in life.

    Most everyone enjoys a genuine impromptu celebration that doesn’t involve overt gestures directed at reproductive organs. The rehearsed stuff, not as many. I would agree that this sentiment is more prevalent among those of us over 60. I remember my dad used to scowl at Joe Namath because he had long hair and was the original “white shoes” guy.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Divas will always irritate a portion of the audience while others adore them. But here’s the thing, I’m trying to imagine the pro-celebration crowd enjoying these antics when your team is on the short end of the score. In a vacuum it’s easy to be liberal. In life it’s frequently situational.

  24. Jeez. I’ve been watching football since the 60’s. Sure, I’m old. I like ALL matter of celebration from handing the ball back to the ref (like you been there before and will be back again) to the Redskins fun bunch doing a group high-5. All good. I also like the rules/limitations they have put on it.
    Don’t delay the game
    Don’t be crude.
    Don’t do it the opponent’s face.

    Find something else to complain about.

  25. In other news, players on teams that are getting shellacked by 30+ points are still allowed to celebrate when they sack the backup QB as it it really matters…..

  26. To all the fans saying “act like you’ve been there” and “old school players wouldn’t behave like this” just don’t get it. The game has changed since the 60’s, when players played because it was in their DNA to smash the living daylights out of someone. The details of the game were not as publicized as they are now. Now the game is a means of entertainment and the players are getting paid like entertainers. So let them entertain. But I agree that it needs to be done with complete respect to everyone. It’s not hard to celebrate, have fun and be respectful of everyone.

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