Monday’s PFT Live devotes some space to the Stanley Cup Final

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Hockey gets its annual national close-up starting Monday, when Nashville and Pittsburgh meet for the most iconic trophy in all of sports. (Sorry, NFL, but it’s true.)

And since PFT Live operate as usual on Monday (it’s hard for me to take a day off from work when it’s not really work), we’ll devote some real estate to the game played on literally frozen tundra. With blades and sticks and a projectile that rockets around the rink, knocking out teeth and busting jaws and potentially doing serious damage to parental aspirations.

NBC’s Pierre McGuire joins the show at 7:35 a.m. ET for a Stanley Cup Final preview, and we’ll chase later in the show with MDS about football issues, and maybe some hockey.

Yes, it’s still a football show and there will be plenty of football talk. But for Monday at least it’s proper to spend some time on the second best sport in America. (Sorry, basketball and baseball, but it’s true.)

Join us on NBC Sports Radio at 6:00 a.m. ET and then on NBCSN for the simulcast that begins at 7:00 a.m. ET.

14 responses to “Monday’s PFT Live devotes some space to the Stanley Cup Final

  1. why?

    hockey is nice, but is nowhere near worth usurping time on an NFL show, nor is its cup so iconic as the World Cup, Wimbledon the Olympic 100 meters or the Fall Classic;

    a humorous but horrible attempt to glom attention from football fans to a still second-tier sport in order to generate more profit for you;

  2. Most hockey players are sized like defensive linemen but on skates. That is the only similarity I can find as I fall into sleep REM Stage 1.

  3. You can always send a Note to PFT Commentators and that him and The Capitals for their yearly playoff traditional Fubar. What’s talking hockey without PFT commentor.

  4. Hockey might not be the best sport to watch (for some), but I’ve played football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer, and the funnest to play is either hockey or football, then baseball a distant third. I liked playing volleyball better than both soccer and basketball.

  5. Hockey is a great sport and nobody covers it better than NBC who helped the sport after ESPN dumped it and left it for dead. Florio knows hockey and is a key NBC Sports figure. This makes sense. I realize Pittsburgh is a heavy favorite, but Nashville has turned itself into a great hockey city and the Press are hot.

  6. If it was Ottawa instead of the Penguins, there would be NOTHING about the Stanley Cup finals. You can take the boy out of Pittsburgh, but you can’t take……..

  7. I live in Nashville, go to all of the viewing party in downtown and it’s hockey time in Nashville, Big Time. — Go Preds. There’s nothing like it.

  8. Hockey is a fantastic sport and deserves more attention then it gets. The cities and fans who love it not withstanding. Hardest championship to win and theres nothing better then playoff hockey.
    Im amazed how many people watch circle racing 500 but some cities can’t fill a 20k seat arena. Or the draw the NBA still gets win you just load up a couple teams. That said I love to see a city like Nashville where you’d think it wouldn’t work and their fans have been amazing. Pulling for the Pens but congrats to the Preds for making there first final

  9. i like playoff hockey more than playoff nfl…players don’t whine and simply go through the motions (aka Giant’s Beckham) like they do in
    the NFL…

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