Vick says Falcons have not yet expressed interest in one-day deal

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Even a one-day contract needs two willing parties.

When former Falcons quarterback Mike Vick, who created one of the biggest messes any player ever has for any team by maintaining over a period of several years a secret (but ultimately not secret enough) dogfighting operation in rural Virginia, expressed interest in signing a one-day contract to retire as a Falcon, he left out one key fact: The Falcons have not yet expressed interest in such a transaction.

“Well, I haven’t talked to anybody about it specifically,” Vick told Vaughn McClure of ESPN on Sunday. “It’s something that I’ve really been thinking about trying to get done. I was asked the question the other day — is that what I want — and I said, ‘Yeah.’

“So, yeah, I think in due time, it’s something that can potentially happen.”

It can potentially happen, but only if the Falcons want it. Frankly, why should they? While the passage of time and Vick’s second act in Philly made many to stop focusing on what he’d done, he still did what he did. And while he was doing what he did, he was an erratic and often-unprepared presence on the field, with wildly inconsistent performances and a failure to ever come close to fulfilling his God-given potential.

Vick’s legal troubles sparked one of the worst seasons any NFL team ever endured, with endless distractions and, ultimately coach Bobby Petrino quitting abruptly during the season. It’s easy to understand why the Falcons may not be rushing to arrange the ceremonial one-day contract signing.

So where does it go from here?

“I don’t know,” Vick said. “It’s just a waiting game now. You know, I’m patient. I’m patient, man. We’ll see what happens.”

While it’s a far cry from retiring his jersey or putting him in a ring of honor or otherwise making an open and permanent display, extending any sort of honor to Vick is something that owner Arthur Blank and the rest of the organization may need more than a decade to get their arms around.

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  1. Vick is out of his mind. No matter how much he has changed (IF he has changed at all), he still has his giant ego and his all-about-me mindset.

    And I’ll bet it won’t be long before Anthony Hypocritus Dungy turns this into a total stinkeroo by jumping in on Vick’s side, talking all about forgiveness and Jesus and redemption. I can’t wait to see where this one ends up! Just hope I don’t have to to watch/listen to Dungy while it’s all being resolved.

    If Arthur Blank is as smart as I think he is, he’ll turn off his hearing aids until this whole thing goes away!

  2. There are many people in the ATL who still look at Mike Vick as a superhero. And treat him as someone who made a mistake and dismisses what his actions actually were. It was only by the grace of god that the team was able to draft Matt Ryan and the healing process was expedited.
    Mike Vick didn’t care about his teammates, his coaching staff, his owner, or the fans over the many years of illegal activity… He paid his price and i respect that, but that doesn’t mean he deserves to be celebrated in any way. But atlanta is a “style over substance” city, always has been. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if they sign him to a 1-day contract or even put him in the ring of honor because that’s what they do.

  3. If he really wanted to retire as a Falcon, he would have swallowed his pride and played for the veteran minimum during the last few years of his career. That’s how you retire with your old team

  4. I watch Vic haters eating hotdogs at the stadium every Football Sunday. You think People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) doesn’t have a problem with that, you disgusting animal abusers? Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Kaepernick is a vegetarian for one simple reason: because he’s better than all of you!

  5. A one day contract yo retire a Falcon is not deserved. dude never took coaching and never played within the system. He did not apply himself to develop his knowledge nor did he ever learn to carry the ball with two hands and not fumble. He did what he wanted to the detriment of the team. He’s not deserving of a TEAM honor.

  6. Vick was an under-achiever and embarrassment to the Falcons however his troubles inevitably let them to Matt Ryan so it all worked out for the best.

  7. In 2002 My HS football coach and economics teacher bet our entire class a free lunch (because TINSTAAFL) that Vick would win a super bowl within five years.

    One of these days I’m gonna claim it when I visit my parents.

  8. So he was asked a question a few days ago, just before a long weekend, and since the Falcons haven’t announced it’s going to happen already on Tuesday, that instantly means the Falcons have cold feet? And Vick then has to be asked a follow up as to why the Falcons haven’t set something up?
    Typical media impatience creating a narrative other then the most logical one.

  9. It sounds like Vick made the statement that’s he’s going to sign the one day contact and when Atlanta was contacted about it, they said “he said what??? What’s the matter with him?? That’s not gonna happen…”
    Nothing like claiming you’re signing with a team which knows nothing about it.
    He probably thinks he’s cleverly putting pressure on them to make it happen.

  10. what Vick did was indefensible, however let’s put it in perspective;

    he didn’t sucker-punch any of his teammates and cost them their careers;

    he didn’t molest his children’s babysitters or ride around town between games trying to pick up high school girls;

    he didn’t hire a hit man to kill his pregnant wife, beat up his college girlfriend or murder his estranged wife and one of her young lovers in cold blood;

    he wasn’t a transporter for his entire team to feed their marijuana habit or dispense pharmaceuticals to his team;

    he didn’t sext his genitals a la Weiner to a front office employee of his team, nor would Goodall have come to his defence if he had;

    he didn’t drop his pants and push his posterior in the face of a female trainer in college;

    he didn’t become strung out on painkillers, nor would Goodal have come to his defence then, either (gee, can’t imagine why the fans hate Goodall so universally..)

    he wasn’t a serial pedophile from the height of his playing days until now;

    no one attempted to blackball him out of the league at the height of his superstar abilities (a la Cookie Gilchrist and a certain Green Bay Packer from the same era) simply because he wanted to or did marry a woman out of his race or drew his sexual satisfaction of from a member of his own sex;

    he never became so strung out on drugs he couldn’t recall any involvement in a death on his property–nor, again, would Goodall have come to his defence for that, probably;

    quite a few of the people involved in the things listed above have been installed not only in their teams’ rings of honour as well as the HOF in Canton;

  11. 15 years in the league.

    6 in Atlanta
    2 in Leavenworth
    5 in Philly
    1 in New York
    1 in Pittsburgh

    That’s too many years wearing colors other than red and black.

  12. The dog fighting memory had faded a bit. This brought it right up to the surface. I really doubt ATL will do this for him after what he did to that team.

  13. Here’s hoping Arthur Blank sits back, strings Vick along for a few years, and never ever lets this happen.

    I remember Blank backing Vick unequivocally at the time… only to final realize that Vick was lying to him, the same way he was lying to all of us.

    So, now you want to be an “honorary” Falcon for a day, huh, Vick? Here’s the problem: YOU HAVE NO HONOR.

  14. The Falcons honoring Ron Mexico in any way would be just as ridiculous as the Raiders honoring Jamarcus Russell or the Chargers honoring Ryan Leaf.

  15. Arthur Blank would rather avoid any Kapernick-style PR. entanglements. Many NFL fans love their dogs than their own kids.

    Flame me all you want, you know it’s true.

  16. We can talk about his past mistakes all we want, but the fact remains that Vick has carried himself since his release in the best way he can. Seriously. It’s fun to keep calling him out, but if someone were to make the choices he did, I think we all would prefer he/she then chooses to try and make up for it the way Mike Vick has.

    It’s easy to call someone out on what they did in the past. Actually evaluating who they are now as a person in much more difficult. That’s why most people prefer not to do it. Like it or not, Vick’s one of the few people who made the decision to try to be a good person after doing something awful. Least we could do is to try and encourage that.

  17. ncfloyd says:
    May 28, 2017 9:49 PM
    Vick should ask for statue too, after all Ray Lewis got one.

    Despite all his faults Ray Ray was a good football player and a good teammate. Vick was neither.

  18. Ray-Ray was a HIGHLY OVERRATED OVERSIZED SAFETY who was useless without two behemoth DTs blocking the OL in front of him so he range from sideline to sideline making poster boy hits with a 20-yard running start;

    time and again i saw MANY RBs literally run over him straight up the way Bo did Bosworth;

    a linebacker is supposed to BACK UP the DL, not back away from it;

    it was only the team owner, the particularly reprehensible Art Modell, personal intervention at the behest of the league that extricated Ray-Ray from a messy murder he was without a shadow of a doubt beyond a mere legal one directly involved in;

    Ray-Ray was simply an owner’s then league pet who could only play well running sideways when unmolested by even a casual blocking attempt by a guard or FB;

    it jokes like him that have soured the fan base of the NFL even as they try to draw more female fans into its timeless pathologically misogynistic culture;

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