When will DeShone Kizer make his debut as Browns’ starter?

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After the Browns made quarterback DeShone Kizer a second-round pick last month, the ESPN draft crew unanimously agreed that Kizer wouldn’t play as a rookie. They apparently had forgotten that it was the Browns who had drafted him.

Kizer joins a franchise that has been struggling to find a competent quarterback for most of the 18 years since it returned to the NFL as an expansion operation. And as Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer notes in a Sunday mailbag column, Kizer  “demonstrated superior physical skills to the other quarterbacks [on the roster] in regard to arm strength and mobility” from the moment he showed up for rookie minicamp.

The question is whether Kizer can learn enough fast enough to become the best option. Given that Kizer and coach Hue Jackson have essentially become joined at the hip, it’s obvious that the Browns are trying to make that happen quickly.

“I think he’ll either start immediately, or early on in the season,” Cabot writes.

The key for Kizer could be an offensive line that looks to be much better in 2017. If he has time to run the offense and make his progressions and build confidence and have the game slow down, Kizer could both start and thrive for a team that has had well over 20 non-thriving starters since 1999.

34 responses to “When will DeShone Kizer make his debut as Browns’ starter?

  1. The more interesting question is when Deshaun Watson will start for the Texans.

  2. The Browns will ruin Kizer, he needs some time to develop. He needs to have his confidence built up, not thrown to the wolves

  3. Why are we rushing him? Kessler did well his rookie season – look back at other successful QBs and the stats are similar to Kessler’s first year. Yes, Kessler was hurt but let Kizer learn. Who knows, Kessler may prove out.

  4. Yeah, you definitely want to push your chips to the center of the table w/Mary Kay. She hasn’t been right forever and is basically just a media hack in Cleveland. Props to your lack of credibility for continued plagiarism and lack of a filter for even quoting her stupidity!

  5. Yea, don’t listen to Mary Kay. She’s the kind of reporter that says “You heard it here first” and either 1 of 2 scenarios are true: 1) She’s like the 100th person who tweeted the same news item or 2) she’s completely wrong, which is why you heard it from her first (and only).

  6. I guess the Browns can’t afford to let a Cam Newton’s body and Brady’s brain to just sit on the bench.

  7. Kessler, Kizer, Osweiller, Hogan, I don’t care who starts as long as it is because he is competent. I’m tired of the Browns starter being determined by injury or because “they have to see what they have for next year.”

    You draft a player based on potential, but you start him because of competence. Please, let one of these dudes show that they can play and then please let the dude stay healthy.

    Not looking for a super bowl here, just 6-10 with the same starter all year.

  8. His college coach says he’s nowhere near ready. Two experienced QBs are on the roster. Sure. Do it the Browns way: Start to ruin his career in week one. Why wait?

  9. Hast even entered his first training camp yet. Whats basis for campaigning for him to get a starting job this early?

  10. Maybe he and Hue are “joined”, but he won’t start just to please MK Cabot, or any other self-ordained experts. Kessler vs O is more likely.

  11. Kizer has to beat out Kessler and Osweiler in a straight up competition. He’s less accurate that Kessler and doesn’t have Osweiler arm or athleticism.

  12. Yeah, you definitely want to push your chips to the center of the table w/Mary Kay. She hasn’t been right forever and is basically just a media hack in Cleveland. Props to your lack of credibility for continued plagiarism and lack of a filter for even quoting her stupidity!

    While true MKC is the worst of cleveland reporters, where is the alleged plagiarism you speak of?

  13. Not this year or the next two years. He’s a kid. Stop the nonsense and name Osweiler the starter. He’s a massive upgrade on the musical chairs Hue’s been playing.

  14. why is everybody on the NOODLE ARM CODY KESSLER wagon are we that desperate too get a USC QB too be successful? KIZER IS THE FUTURE

  15. Just stare down Corey Coleman and gun it to him, maybe throw a couple to Njoku for good measure.

    You are going to suck, at least try to master one thing this season, I like Coleman, he’s gonna be good.

  16. Kizer will start when all the other QB’s are injuried which may happen. He is 2-3 years away if he is still in the league.

  17. The Browns haven’t struggled to find a competant QB at all. They’ve struggled to find a QB that can stay healthy for an entire season and in most cases these QB’s are getting injured because behind the Browns offensive line they think they’re Barry Sanders. Last time a Browns QB played in every game they went 10-6.

    So betting on when Kiser will start is betting on when the guys in front of him will get injured which is a pretty despicable thing to do. Stay classy

  18. This is Mary Kay Cabot we’re talking about. She’s the most egregious example of the no-patience, fall in love with the new guy or whoever’s warming the bench fan. I agree that knowing Kessler’s injury history and Oswieller’s struggles there’s a very good chance he’ll start at some point this season. And frankly, we need to see what we’ve got before next year’s deep QB draft. But I really don’t think he starts outside of a Kessler injury. I hope that’s somewhere near mid-season.

  19. Remember the last (1st round) qb pick from notre dame by the browns? That stint ruined his nfl career. As a matter of fact has there been a successful qb from nd since joe montana?

  20. Moment he makes his first start you can start the clock to the countdown of the soon to be end of his career. In fact, his career is already over.

  21. Why rush Kizer! Allow the OL time to develop a rapport before throwing a young QB to the wolves. But Jackson knows he only has one QB on the roster. Kizer! Kessler doesn’t have a QB arm or the athletic ability, we all know that Brock is Scot Mitchell! And Kevin Hogan should be playing on the special team. The Browns messed up their QB room by getting rid of their veteran presence. The QB’s on last year’s team did not stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being productive behind an OL that gave up 66 sacks last season. Robert Griffin should have been given a chance to develop after not playing for almost two seasons. And Hue Jackson’s play calling had to be the worst in the NFL last season. Jackson will rush Kizer in way too soon and when he struggles Jackson will put all the blame on the young QB and will draft a QB next season.

  22. Start Kessler. If he gets hurt, put in Osweiler in. Between our improved line and QB room I don’t see us having the same QB injuries we had last year. Kizer rides the bench for the majority of the year and plays only in mop up duty. Draft a QB with your first pick in next year’s draft even if Kizer never sees the field this season. A QB room of Kizer, Kessler, and first round rookie sounds like a good thing to me in 2018. Let them battle for position in camp.

  23. For once in a long time I like what the Brown are doing. Building the front lines of offense and defense. I don’t care if we had Tom Brady last year he would have been hurt. When you go thru 5 starting qbs the writing is on the wall. Build the defense and offensive line. I mean Brock went to the playoffs with the broncos and Texans. Honestly he would have been a better option than Peyton that year too. Go Browns

  24. When was the last time Mary Kay was right about a Browns QB. She wanted them to draft Manziel with their first pick in 2014. Florio shouldn’t take anything she says to the bank.

  25. Kessler should be the obvious #1, but looking at Prescott from last year also shows that a rookie QB can develop confidence behind a good o-line. I would prefer Kizer to sit a year but the days of rookie QB’s drafted in the first couple rounds sitting a year seem long gone.

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