Brian Hoyer having an easier time in second stint with Kyle Shanahan


The 49ers have a new coach in Kyle Shanahan and Shanahan brought the offense he’s developed over years as a coordinator with him to Santa Clara.

For many members of the team, that means they are getting a lot of new information thrown their way during the offseason program. One exception to that rule is quarterback Brian Hoyer, who played for Shanahan when both men were with the Browns and signed a free agent contract with the 49ers this offseason.

That experience has put him ahead of the pack when it comes to understanding both what Shanahan wants from the offense and how to get the unit in position to provide it.

“It’s definitely easier for me to call the plays this time around,” Hoyer said, via “I remember last time kind of having to think about it, whereas now I find myself knowing that when Kyle starts to call a play I can kind of put it together. Just hearing it the second time around has helped, and knowing the plays, there are a lot of words; I think calling the play is half the battle, and it’s something I really don’t think about anymore. It comes naturally to me.”

Hoyer played some of the best football of his career for Shanahan in 2014 as the Browns got off to a 6-3 start before everything fell apart down the stretch. A reprise may not be in the cards, but getting everyone on the same page would help and that task should be easier with a quarterback who knows the offense well enough to help Shanahan teach it as they head into the season.

14 responses to “Brian Hoyer having an easier time in second stint with Kyle Shanahan

  1. Take it from a Browns fan: Hoyer loves taking credit when things are going well but passes the blame when things go bad.

  2. Over the past two seasons he threw 25TDs and only 7 INTs. Things were going pretty well. Worry about your own QB, little troll.

  3. Hoyer was pretty effective in Cle. His only problem was the a high school level head coach, O-line falling apart, lack of receivers, GM texting the sidelines to play Manziel, and the Manziel clown show.

    Hoyer got the shaft in Cle.

    Shanahan ejected so fast after that season – and was released from his contract. There was obviously way more going on behind the scenes.

  4. rambo08 says:
    May 29, 2017 9:13 AM
    Take it from a Browns fan: Hoyer loves taking credit when things are going well but passes the blame when things go bad.

    lol. With the clown show Hoyer had to deal with in Cleveland… I mean, let’s be real, when the headlines read:

    Upstart Browns, Brian Hoyer Not Good Enough to Overcome Offensive Line Problems

    Quarterback play isn’t among Cleveland Browns’ biggest problems and that should alarm organization

    Disastrous Cleveland Browns Season Was Set Up to Fail From the Start

    Understanding the problems of the Cleveland Browns (not about Hoyer, but about Manziel and the rest of the offense ****ing up.)

    First-place Browns’ problems are good problems to have (when the Browns were 6-3 under Hoyer in 2014)

    A Controversial Choice to Stay the Course (Details how the lousy play by running backs, WRs, etc. have derailed the offense and wrecked the promising season. At the time of that article, Hoyer was 10-5 with the Browns.)

    I’m not sure if a HOF QB could win in the mess that Cleveland during Hoyer’s time there. Especially as defenses stopped paying attention to the lousy game and went all-in in pass defense, taking away much of what worked (play action & roll-outs).

  5. That first Browns fan is not representative of the population at large.
    Hother was 7-3 until Josh Gordon came back from his annual multi-game drug suspension and started running wrong routes and causing picks. Then, Farmer texted to Shanny to start the drunken child who proceeded to show up to work drunk and not read the playbook.

    Hoyer and Shanahan were NOT the problem in Cleveland and Hoyer remains the only Browns QB since 99 that had a winning record when he was shown the door.

    Good luck, guys. I hope both the 9ers and Browns are on the upswing now that all of the awful, entitled, distracting running QBs that can’t read defenses were shown the door.

  6. Good Lord, to read the comments on here you would think that Hoyer has only played for two teams.

    Would the people on here defending Hoyer’s time in Cleveland as being an indication of how bad the Browns were like to also explain his failures to stick in New England, Pittsburgh, Arizona, Houston and Chicago?

  7. If hoyer couldn’t play belichick wouldn’t have kept him as his backup. Hope he gets enough protection to show what he can do.

  8. Where is Sexy Rexy? Isn’t Grossman a Shanahan disciple? Even at 40 he’s probably better than Hoyer and Barkley.

  9. Hoyer is a below average QB with a weak arm who crumbles under pressure, he can not operate under pressure at all. I love how the article says Hoyer played some of the best football in his career in 2014 w/CLV, he completed just 55% of his passes w/12TDs to 14INTs with a 76 QB passer rating lol!!

    Hoyer is going to badly struggle next season as the 49ers do not have much talent around him at all.
    Hoyer also struggles against Elite Defenses with elite pass rush’s and in the NFC-W Hoyer is going to have to deal with AZs & SEAs Defense!! AZ’s Defense is loaded with elite talent & outside of Staley all of SFs O-Linemen are terrible pass blockers who will get destroyed by Arizona’s pass rush.
    And when Hoyer’s pressured/hit and starts getting sacked he starts making terrible throws and last I checked their are very good pass defenses in the NFC W. Guys like Elite All Pro corner Patrick Peterson the best #1CB in the league, Elite All-Pro FS/SCB Tyrann Mathieu the best FS/SCB in the league, elite rookie prospect S/SCB Budda Baker, Box SS Pro Bowler A. Bethea with All-Pro Justin Bethel on the other side, they will absolutely capitalize on those poor throws…. If the 49ers plan on winning anytime soon they better get a QB.

  10. I like Bobby Hoyer but the last three teams he has been on, Chicago, Houston, and Cleveland do not have a quarterback. If he was as good as these comments seem to say why do they keep getting rid of him.

  11. I’m a Browns fan, but I’m not a troll. I think the 49ers will be good with Shanahan coaching, and people tend to forget that Brian Hoyer was 10-6 as a starter for team that I admit had awful coaches and a terrible front office. I was the first to tell Niners fans that hiring Jim O’Neil as defensive coordinator, and I’ll admit that I was pissed when they messed up their relationship with Kyle Shanahan. If Alex Mack didn’t break his leg, the Browns would have made the playoffs in 2014. You should curb your expectations, because even though I’m a Hoyer fan (he’s from my home town) he doesn’t have a very high ceiling. But he has a high floor. With a couple years to build the roster, the 49ers will be good.

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