Federal judge tosses cheerleader lawsuit

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U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup threw out a lawsuit on Thursday night claiming the NFL and its owners conspired to suppress wages of cheerleaders.

According to Sudhin Thanawala of the Associated Press, Alsup tossed the case due to a lack of evidence. However, he gave the plaintiff – a former San Francisco 49ers cheerleader listed as Kelsey K. – the chance to re-file the suit by June 15. Attorney Drexel Bradshaw stated their intention to follow through with the re-filing of the suit.

“To state an antitrust claim here, plaintiff must plead not only ‘ultimate facts, such as conspiracy, and legal conclusions,'” Alsup said in his filing. “The complaint must answer the basic questions of ‘who, did what, to whom (or with whom), where, and when?'”

The complaint sought class action status on behalf of all NFL cheerleaders.

A separate suit between former cheerleaders of the Oakland Raiders and that team was settled earlier this month. The former Raiders cheerleaders accused the franchise of paying them less than minimum wage for their services over several seasons of work.

3 responses to “Federal judge tosses cheerleader lawsuit

  1. BUT… her lawyers, who should have known that the case was baseless, moved forward collecting their fees, right?!

    Betting they enjoyed having her and her friends show up in their offices too…

    Nice work attorneys!

  2. I wish I were the judge. All the girls would get a lot more money. What kind of country have we become where we don’t adequately celebrate and compensate a national treasure – our most beautiful women? God forbid if the day ever came that we didn’t have them, I’m done with football.

  3. This attorney is well documented as one that doesn’t care about his clients, only his exorbitant billing practices. He’s currently about to lose his license to practice in California for numerous charges of fraud and malpractice.

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