Jim Caldwell: Eliminating cut to 75 players good for teams, players

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Among the changes to the game approved by NFL owners last week was the move to eliminate the cut from 90 players to 75 players after teams played their third preseason game of the summer.

That interim step left teams with 22 more cuts to make before the start of the season and pared down rosters ahead of a final exhibition game that tends to feature few, if any, first-string players on the field. Lions coach Jim Caldwell thinks having 15 more players on hand for that game is a good thing for everybody involved.

“It gives us a chance to look at guys a little bit more, another ballgame under the belt,” Caldwell said, via MLive.com. “I think it helps us from a player safety issue, too. Sometimes you get rather thin that time of year, so you’ll have a few more guys to still work with.”

There probably won’t be too many players who would have been part of an initial round of cuts who wind up making a 53-man roster because of the shift, but it never hurts to get a chance to make a strong final impression when you’re on the fringes of the league.

8 responses to “Jim Caldwell: Eliminating cut to 75 players good for teams, players

  1. Last preseason Lions DE Kerry Hyder notched 3 sacks in the final preseason game, which earned him a roster spot, and he went on to lead the team in sacks with 8. Before that game, he was considered a fringe player and a long shot to make the team, having been to training camp for two or 3 years before making his breakthrough.

    This rule change was a no-brainer and was long overdue.

  2. I am happy that I do not have to pay to see that last pre-season “game”. I would not walk across the street if I had free tickets to watch the debacle.

  3. It may be safer for the veterans but at the expense of the guys who weren’t going to make the cut. How about them? they don’t count?

  4. Also gives the borderline guys extra tape for other teams and practice squad consideration. Their team might be deep at a position where others have needs. Showing something might be the difference between practice squad and the couch.

  5. bearssuck says:
    May 29, 2017 11:24 AM
    How about we expand the final roster to 75. This 53 man stuff ins’t enough.


    Owners are too cheap, but as the game has gotten faster and the athletes stronger it would be a wise move at least to 60.

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