Kirk Cousins on Terrelle Pryor: He’s a joy to work with

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When discussing Terrelle Pryor’s transition from quarterback to wide receiver, the focus has often been on how much catching up Pryor has had to do compared to players who have been wideouts for their entire career.

Pryor’s 77 catches for 1,007 yards for the Browns last season is evidence that he has done pretty well on that front. That work helped him land a free agent deal in Washington and Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins recently pointed out how another aspect of Pryor’s quarterback background, seeing the field like a quarterback, is playing out with his new team.

“I like it because I’ve never had a conversation with a receiver like I’ve had with him where he said, ‘Yeah, it was two-invert, so I took it to the post. It was quarters on the backside,'” Cousins said, via CBS DC. “He really can see it and he’s going to hold me accountable, so you take the good with the bad. I love it. He’s an enthusiastic guy. He’s always wanting to run another route. ‘Let’s try it again, let’s do it again,’ just a positive attitude and he’s been a joy to work with thus far.”

Pryor signed a one-year deal, which speaks to some of the doubts that appear to exist about him around the league. Another strong year should erase some of those and he’ll be in position to have one with DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon leaving a hole at the top of the Redskins’ depth chart.

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  1. Both end up signed long term. Kirk will throw many TD’s to Pryor. Pryor will throw a couple of TD’s to Kirk, too. Hail to the Redskins!

  2. nflfan1951 says:
    May 29, 2017 11:37 AM

    Hope Pryor plays well so both players end up in San Fran next year!
    Pryor could end up in San Fran next year. but not Kirk. San Fran could have given up 2 #1’s and got him this year, but that window has closed. The Skins will either sign him to a long term contract or he will play under the tag again next year. If Kirk signs before next year Pryor could get tagged instead.

  3. The biggest mistake of the entire off-season was The Browns letting Pryor walk away. He was their own homegrown developmental talent who was one of their few dynamic players. Cleveland had all the cap space in the world to keep him and should have. Cousins is going to love Pryor. He already has three excellent passing targets in Reed, Crowder and Thompson. Pryor is in a position to be even better than he was last season.

  4. Good for Pryor just getting out of Cleveland. They cut everyone that has talent. (Obligatory Joe Thomas statement, here). He’s such a believer that he thought that the Browns could run the table at 0-9 last year. I don’t care if he’s delusional or not. I want a guy on the field who always is trying to win and stay in the game. Kudos to Redskins, but they should have locked him up for at least 2 with an option for a 3rd. He’s coming into his prime as a WR and then he’ll cash in in 18. Probably with Miami…

  5. I give this kid a big applause. Where do I begin:

    1) Drafted by a bottom of the barrel Oakland (with no good coaches) in a Supplemental Draft as a QB – failed but wasn’t horrible enough to be noticed by cleveland

    2) Picked up by Cleveland to be a WR not QB… with (terrible coaches) and still put up 1,000 yard season.

    It’s evident this guy can survive in a the worse of environments. Is making his climb in NFL rankings to salvage his career.

    Good for him… he was marked for failure since being drafted by Oakland and picked up by Cleveland.

  6. Hey PhinFan, you do realize that Pryor turned down more money and a 4 year deal from the Browns? Hue Jackson and his “terrible” coaching staff saved his career, and he walked away. What an ungrateful person he is.

  7. Why did Cleveland let him go? Maybe because no one on the team could get along with him.

  8. Oswizard,

    For all intents and purposes Cousins is a free agent after this year. The number for franchising Cousins for a 3rd time next season is $34 Million. It’s not just that the number is massive the main issue is that number hits next year’s salary cap all at once like every franchise tag contract. I don’t know the history of team salary caps but I would bet that number would be the highest single season cap hit for a player in league history.

  9. The Browns offered Pryor $8 million a year on a multi year deal. He got $8 million from the Redskins on a 1 year deal. He bet on himself. He knows with a better QB in a better offense his numbers will go up and so will his 2018 salary.
    There is no loyalty in this business. That’s fact. Pryor would have been selling himself and his earning potential short locking into a long term deal with a bad team with no QB for WR 2 money. The Browns didn’t offer to pay him like a WR1.
    They ended up giving the same offer to Britt who’s a WR3 in the NFL.

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