Only 67 unsigned draft picks remain

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A month ago today, the draft ended. As of three days ago, more than 70 percent of all draft picks had agreed to terms.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, 176 of 253 selections had submitted signed contracts to the NFL through Friday morning. Coupled with the news that six Raiders draft picks agreed to terms later in the day and that four other Vikings have agreed to terms, only 71 unsigned picks remain.

In round one, 17 of 32 players have signed contracts, including half of the top 10.

The Saints and Rams have yet to sign any of their draft picks. The Rams traditionally wait until the end of the offseason program before signing all of the rookies in one fell swoop. In past years, coach Jeff Fisher would bring an armored car to the practice field with $1 million in it before showing them how the money gets divided among the various constituencies that pick the pockets of the gainfully employed.

With a true rookie wage scale in place, holdouts have become highly unusual. However, Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa missed plenty of time last year due to a fight over cash flow and offset language.