Bengals bring Levon Kirkland in as coaching intern

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The Bengals have added five coaches as interns for the offseason, including a guy who knows them well from his days in the AFC North.

The team announced that Levon Kirkland, Aaron Curry, Roderick Plummer, Tory Woodbury, and Jonathan Carr would be with the team as interns as part of the Bill Walsh minority coaching fellowship.

Kirkland, the longtime Steelers linebacker, has also worked as a coaching intern with the Cardinals. He’s currently the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach at Florida A&M University.

Curry was once viewed as one of the safest picks in the draft, when the Seahawks chose him fourth overall in 2009. He’s now the defensive line coach at Charlotte.

It’s a meaningful program for coach Marvin Lewis since he’s a graduate of it, along with Bengals defensive line coach Jacob Burney.

“I had the opportunity to work in this program when coach Walsh initiated it with the 49ers, and it’s great to see it continue as strong as it is,” Lewis said in a release. “We are happy to have these coaches with us to benefit our staff as well as aid in their development as a coach.”

Some will only be with the team during OTAs to allow them to get back to their day jobs, but it provides access and opportunity for them as they try to advance in their careers.

10 responses to “Bengals bring Levon Kirkland in as coaching intern

  1. this is definitely a much more worthwhile and productive program than the “Rooney Rule” which is all certain media outlets want to talk about.

  2. footballisnotthatimportant says:
    May 30, 2017 12:40 PM
    Do people not see how inherently condescending these programs are toward minorities?
    I’m guessing you were never in the program but you can tell us all the in’s and out’s of the program that you were never a part of. Since you have a point to make lets hear it? Enlighten us readers on the condescension of this program?

  3. footballisnotthatimportant :

    The late, great Bill Walsh founded this program. While he was with the Forty Niners he noticed that aspiring black coaches weren’t getting the opportunity to come to training camps, meet professional staffs, and get insight on the latest trends, philosophies, terminology and such. It’s human nature to gravitate towards only people who look like you.

    This applies to football coaches as much as it does white business owners (Donald Trump, Jerry Jones, etc.) This in and of itself doesn’t make one racist, just innately myopic.

    Bill Walsh simply asked what’s the harm in reaching out to some folks who don’t look like you? Turns out, none.

    If you only have meaningful social and professional relationships with white guys, that doesn’t necessarily make you racist. But…if it REALLY bothers you when someone suggests including people who aren’t white, well…

  4. In my childhood Mr. Kirkland was borderline mythical, a God-man in black and yellow.

  5. footballisnotthatimportant says:
    May 30, 2017 12:40 PM
    Do people not see how inherently condescending these programs are toward minorities?

    It’s an opportunity most those guys would never get if not for the program, regardless of how condescending you might believe it to be. If you truly understood racism, then you would know why these program exist.

    Good to see Curry coaching, he was considered to be a big time bust and that can negatively affect someone’s life.

  6. I like the idea of the program.

    I think this will be a make/break year for Marvin Lewis. Last year’s 6-9-1 record was the hangover from the playoff loss to the Steelers the year before. If they don;t bounce back this will be the excuse Mike Brown needs to axe him.

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