Gary Barnidge still looks for his next opportunity

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Cut by the Browns after they traded up to get David Njoku, tight end Gary Barnidge is still looking for a job. The opportunities haven’t quite materialized in the way he had hoped.

“Of course, I would love to be the [number] one guy,” Barnidge told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday. “I’ve showed the last two years, with multiple different quarterbacks, I was still able to produce without one single guy, whether it be injuries or just things not working out. I’ve shown I’ve been able to produce with multiple guys throwing the ball. But I don’t think that’s an issue, but if they want me to come in and help mentor, I’ve got no problem doing that, either.”

The 31-year-old Barnidge realizes age may be a factor, but he’s still confident in his abilities — primarily because his body wasn’t chewed up early in his career.

“I know I’m getting up in my years, which is fine, but I still have plenty of years to play,” Barnidge said. “As long as I get the opportunity, I think teams will have no problem with that. They’ll see that I’m still ready, because the first seven years of my career, I never got an opportunity to start, so I didn’t have the wear and tear on my legs. I didn’t have any of that kind of stuff.”

Barnidge had 79 catches for 1,043 yards and nine touchdowns in 2015 for the Browns, before dipping to 55 receptions, 612 yards, and two scores last year. That’s more than enough to get him a shot, somewhere. He visited the Bills since being released, and he has heard from the likes of the Jaguars and Broncos.

“The last two years, the first years I got to start, and in those two years, I put up good numbers,” Barnidge said. “I’ve been one of the top tight ends in the league. So my age and stuff, that has nothing to do with me. I’m still able to produce and I’ve shown that.”

Yes he has, but not enough to get him a chance to show what he can do elsewhere. It’s hard not to imagine the phone ringing at some point before training camp opens. At the latest, it’ll happen after guys currently with positions on a depth chart start getting banged up, as they inevitably will.

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  1. I am not sure why the Broncos have not signed this guy. He would instantly be the best TE on the roster. He could be the guy for at least this next year and maybe longer while Butt heals. They have no one else that is starter worthy.

  2. He must be asking for the moon and the stars. He put up great numbers with Cleveland. Let that sink in, CLEVELAND!! What are the Bills sleeping on, especially with Clay’s questionable knees.

  3. Few teams that he could land on out there – especially with how teams are using more 2 TE sets, can’t imagine that he doesn’t find a team to latch on to…

    Hope he finds a spot here soon – seems like a classy guy.

  4. No offense, but you openly chose to go to the Browns in the prime of your career, because they paid you the most.

    Translation? You made your choice.

  5. He couldn’t get on the field the first six years of his career (13 catches the high season), had an extraordinary year in his 7th season and then last year came back down to earth including some drops.

    He did well for the Browns and they rewarded him. He overachieved and now it’s a good sign of progress that the Browns don’t think they need him anymore.

  6. I have no idea if we have the cap space, room on the roster, or whatever, but I would love to see this guy in a Pats outfit, backing up Gronk & Dwayne Allen.

  7. Anyone giving me a thumb’s down above over Barnidge openly choosing Cleveland and to sign an extension there in his prime, wondering why he’s not in hot demand with rookie contracts under the current CBA and the age of 30 being a pretty regular cut off now for fringe players in particular, might want to do their homework.

    He took the most money and he made his choice.

    Now, he’s seen as old and needs to sign a vet camp invite deal, because that’s kinda how it works. Holding out for a bloated #1 TE deal is complete delusion.

  8. elyasm says:
    May 30, 2017 1:10 PM
    I have no idea if we have the cap space, room on the roster, or whatever, but I would love to see this guy in a Pats outfit, backing up Gronk & Dwayne Allen.

    2 0


    I agree, which is why I think it’s funny Barnidge thinks he has contract leverage at age 31.

    He should be looking for a contender and to sign the vet camp minimum.

  9. He made $2 million and $2.5 million the past 2 seasons and put up good numbers. He has a $1.65 million bonus that is still being paid too. My guess is that he is looking for the same sized money and won’t get it. He will ahve to lower his number and/or wait for a TE to get injured on a team that will then need him.

    I wish the Bills would sign him…

  10. My Lion should sign him. They’re paying former 1st round pick (10th overall) TE Ebron $8 million next year (5ht year option) and he had ONLY 1 TD catch last year, his 3rd season in the league (overall he has 7 TD’s). Barnidge would be a way better value.

    Watch, the Pats will sign him for $1.2 mil and he’ll catch 8 TD’s.

  11. He’ll be on a team. For the right price. If I had to speculate, it seems is agent is asking for top 10 Tight End $$. He is not going to get that coming from a 1-15 Browns team.

  12. Maybe he’s being blackballed and we should get a daily conspiracy theory update. After all, how many white te’s are there in the NFL?

  13. Man, there are few better fantasy tight ends than Barnridge. Totally surprised that a) the Browns cut him, and b) someone hasn’t picked him up yet.

    Love to see him in a Bears uni, but with drafting a new rookie, that seems unlikely.

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