Lions officially add Matt Asiata, cut 2015 fifth-rounder

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We’ve known for a few days that the Lions are adding running back Matt Asiata to their 90-man roster, but the move did not become official until Tuesday.

That’s when Detroit announced that Asiata will be joining Ameer Abdullah, Theo Riddick, Zach Zenner and Dwayne Washington in the backfield. The former Viking has shown a knack for short yardage work over the years and won’t have to compete with fullback Michael Burton for that role.

The Lions waived their 2015 fifth-round pick on Tuesday as well. Burton played in 31 games over the last two years, but was in on fewer than 10 percent of the offensive snaps last season after playing over 22 percent of the time during his rookie season. He had four carries and six catches as a rookie, but never touched the ball last season.

The Lions signed guard Connor Bozick and waived/injured linebacker Brandon Chubb to round out the day’s moves.

4 responses to “Lions officially add Matt Asiata, cut 2015 fifth-rounder

  1. Matt Asiata
    Ameer Abdullah
    Theo Riddick
    Zach Zenner

    How will teams ever game plan against this quadruple threat consisting of a one dimensional short yardage back and 3 tweeners……………………….

  2. As a Lions fan, I don’t mind this move. Nice to have a bruiser back there behind an improved o-line. Asiata’s struggles last year were a product of a terrible o-line and an anemic offense that threw the ball 4 yards down the field each time. Defenses play at the line of scrimmage. No reason to back off. The entire RB corps was bad which points more to the o-line. Even if he’s a situational short-yardage back who maintains his 3.3 ypc, smart sign. He’s also a first-down and goal line machine. We haven’t had the ability to smash a TD in from the one, relying on the fade ball and quick slants/outs from Riddick or our WRs. Asiata gives us that.

    I do wonder who else gets cut down at 53-man roster time. We can’t carry all these backs. Maybe this is the end of the line for Zenner or Washington? Unless we re-classify Riddick to what he is: a WR.

    In Quinn We Trust

  3. He’s just okay in short yardage because doesn’t get off the ball very quick; however, he’s a great pass-blocker and a solid special teamer. With the Lions’ revamped o-line, the run game could be much improved. It won’t be because of Asiata though.

  4. Head scratcher…1) They should have taken Blount if they were going to add a bruiser back, 2) Burton was rated the third best FB in the NFL last year by PFF…not even a 7th out there for him?

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