Mark Sanchez hurts knee, Bears hold onto Connor Shaw

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Tuesday began with the Bears announcing that quarterback Connor Shaw was being waived to make room on the roster for wide receiver Victor Cruz.

It will end with Shaw still on the team’s roster. The Bears announced on Tuesday afternoon that they have rescinded their earlier move involving the quarterback and waived wide receiver Jhajuan Seales.

The reason for the shift was a need for a healthy quarterback for the rest of the offseason program. Mark Sanchez injured his knee during the team’s OTA practice on Tuesday and, per multiple reports, will be out for the rest of OTAs and June’s mandatory minicamp.

The Bears have Mike Glennon and first-round pick Mitchell Trubisky on hand, but obviously felt they’d rather have a third arm to work with during the rest of their offseason practices. Sanchez is expected back for training camp, which may make this a temporary stay of execution for Shaw but Tuesday’s events are a reminder that little is set in stone.

19 responses to “Mark Sanchez hurts knee, Bears hold onto Connor Shaw

  1. Maybe that’s why OBJ skips practice…doesn’t want to get hurt in meaningless situation

  2. Is there even a 0.000001% chance Mark Sanchez could lead this Bears team to a Super Bowl? If not, what’s the point? Cut him and keep Shaw. At least the kid has upside. The worst case scenario is that he has to play, he stinks, and the Bears win three games instead of five and get a better draft pick next year. Take the chance.

  3. Conner Shaw is better anyway and a great teammate. He would have been the starter in Chicago last year at some point if he hadn’t been hurt.

  4. Sanchez has been cursed to play for bad coaches and lack of talent around him his whole career. It would be interesting if he got a real chance. Remember testaverde never had success till he got that chance late in his career either

  5. Mark Sanchez either has the single most talented agent in professional sports, or he is the undisputed champion of the job interview.

    Heart and talent are both important, Sanchez has 200% heart and .004% talent. He needs a sales job, because he’s good at selling himself high. Delivering, not so much

  6. crik911 says:
    May 30, 2017 6:22 PM
    For the love of god, Please release the Sanchize. I can’t take any more 🙂

    LOL- Can’t release him now, unless you don’t mind paying him $2 million to leave. His contact is guaranteed now that he’s hurt.

    The Bears just can’t get out of their own way. Sad #failingbears

  7. Aww shucks, I bet the farm on the Bears making it to the Super Bowl this year but now with Mark Sanchez hurt I’m starting to get some doubts…

  8. Shaw keeps getting under valued. If someone would stick with him(and not force him to learn a new offense every year) you would end up with one of the best backup QBs in the league.

  9. One of the Tackles probably fell on him. With Leno/Massie still at Tackle, the Bear’s will need about 20 QBs to get through the season.

  10. Obviously Shaw has more upside than Sanchez from a playing perspective. Unfortunately, the Bears brass are looking to Sanchez in the QB room to help with Trubisky’s upringing.

    Sad that for Shaw, his delayed departure from the Bears will only hinder his chances of being picked up elsewhere. He has raw talent, but will still need time to learn whichever team’s system he falls under once cut.

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