Zero transparency in Washington G.M. replacement process

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Washington hasn’t had a General Manager since clumsily firing Scout McCloughan in March. It’s still not clear when, or if, the franchise will be replacing him.

Whatever Washington ultimately does, it’s doing it with zero transparency. Apart from team president Bruce Allen declaring last week that the team is “getting close to having a final plan,” there has been no indication as to whether or when a decision will be made.

If they’re looking for a new G.M., they’re not casting a broad net. There have been no reports of interviews of persons under contract with other teams, something that inevitably leaks to the media (often to the media owned by the league) once the league office receives the forms in which the request for permission to interview the candidate is made.

It remains possible that Washington won’t be hiring a true G.M., with Allen or someone else holding final say over the roster. That would allow any other team to deny a request to interview an executive currently under contract.

Some league insiders believe that the title ultimately will be given to an in-house candidate, with Eric Schaffer regarded as the clubhouse leader. Whatever Washington does, compliance with the Rooney Rule will be required. And while that may provide some transparency, the team needs only to interview an in-house minority candidate to comply.

22 responses to “Zero transparency in Washington G.M. replacement process

  1. They’re using the “Planning to plan” flowchart from Office Space.

  2. and having Doug Williams in this train wreck of a front office will satisfy the Rooney Rule…

  3. Remember the days when Dan Snyder was the problem in Washington? Bruce Allen is clearly ahead in that race now.

    Anybody considering the job better have no skeletons in the closet, not have any chance at being liked by the players and /or the coaching staff, and should say “Yes Bruce” as often as possible…………

  4. weasel boy wonder is the GM and this org will never got out of the cellar with the dopes they have running this train wreck.

  5. Bruce Allen has always been a horrible executive. But somehow, Snyder promotes him to a position where he still has absolute power, but avoids blame when they lose

  6. What? They have to tell you exactly what they’re up to? None of your business.

  7. Honest question. Why is it that whenever a minority is considered for a high level position, its ALWAYS insinuated thats its only to satisfy the Rooney Rule?? People that do this is the main reason the spirit if the Rule exists in the first place.

  8. Oh no…should we call someone to report them for this lack of transparency? We need Anderson Cooper on this one.

    ….waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh,…we buy tickets they should tell us everything…waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…

  9. Why would this headline be a surprise to anyone who has observed how the team operates?

  10. 1 Why do you think the Redskins must tell you what
    they are doing?

    2 They won’t know exactly how it will be until they
    are done and then it will be subject to change

  11. 2 years from now, when the Redskins lose Kirk Cousins, will they revert to a 4-12 team? 3-13? 5-11?

  12. All the picks signed!! Cap looks good!! Seems like someone is doing something right!!

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