Adam Gase able to walk line between good cop and bad cop

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Not every whiz kid offensive coordinator is a natural as a head coach.

But Dolphins coach Adam Gase showed last year he seems to have a handle on the difference, and even the new guys to his team can tell he’s growing comfortable in the new role.

Via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, new Dolphins safety Nate Allen said he’s been impressed with the way Gase has established his own style, and doesn’t veer too far in either direction.

“Just being able to be a player’s coach and also be kind of a — I don’t want to say disciplinarian but kind of a tough guy when you need to be — and he, I think, does a great job of that,” Allen said. “He can hang out with us and talk with us. It’s not like everybody tenses up when he walks in the room and gets all nervous. It’s just he’s got a great dynamic with the guys. He makes it a good environment.”

Part of that might have to do with his age, as he’s still just 39 — close enough in age to the veterans on his team to almost be a peer. But the job he’s done turning the Dolphins around quickly isn’t something you can pull off by just being a good guy, and as they adjust things this year (especially on defense), Gase will have to continue to evolve.

11 responses to “Adam Gase able to walk line between good cop and bad cop

  1. As a close friend of the organization it is unfortunate that this team has to compete against the Patriots year in and year out. The Front Office feels like they can really make a push if it was not for that massive roadblock in Foxborough

  2. He’s a very good coach. The Bears screwed the pooch by letting him walk and hanging on to John Fox.

  3. As a close friend of the organization you should be smart enough to never start a sentence saying your a close friend of the organization.

  4. If he can get T-hill to take the next step and be a true franchise Qb, it would be great to finally have a HC and QB combo that grows and succeeds together. The carousel was getting very old.

  5. This is a team that had some talented players over the past decade, but severely lacked a Coach and Front Office. Everyone like to blame the Owner, Stephen Ross, but the bottom line is that Gase was the best pickup for the Dolphins. The roster is average to good, but if they buy in to his approach they are set for a long time. The Patriots are still the best, but they can be beat. Hoping the Draft class can step up from the last 2 years.

  6. The team exceeded even the most ardent Dolphins fan’s expectations last year, but to have a chance at winning the AFCE this year they will have to make good on Jarvis Landry’s prediction to sweep the Patriots. The Jets appear to be rebuilding and the Bills are going to have to count on rookies filling big shoes this year, so I see the AFCE as a 2 team race.

  7. The offensive line is a big difference between the Dolphins and Patriots. The Patriots pay less for their line and it’s clearly better. So, Adam Gave needs to fix the line.

    The second issue is stopping the run. The front office did Gase no favors last year when they traded picks for Leonte Carroo instead of taking a linebacker. The defense was a bit of an illusion last year with their inability to stop the run.

    If Gase can fix those two issues while keeping everything else stable or improving he has a chance. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised last year so I hope the Dolphins stay with Gase even if he has a bad year.

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