Bryce Petty likes his chances: “I can play this game”

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In most estimations of the Jets quarterback derby, Bryce Petty is generally considered the third of three, behind the known-commodity veteran (Josh McCown) and the high-pick-hidden-behind-door-number-two-which-could-be-a-year’s-supply-of-Rice-a-Roni (Christian Hackenberg).

But don’t tell Petty that, because he’s feeling confident like he has a shot at this thing.

“I have the confidence now that, hey, I can play this game. I think that’s a big thing,” Petty said, via Daniel Popper of the New York Daily News. “Some guys need experience to build that confidence, and I think that’s kind of what I needed to see that, hey, I can see a rush, I can see a defense, I can make throws, I can throw touchdowns.”

Technically, that’s correct, as he threw three during a six-game audition last year, when he was given a chance ahead of Hackenberg. But there were also the seven interceptions and the 60.0 rating and the injuries which kept him from capitalizing on the opportunity in front of him more.

The plan was for him to make the final four starts of the season, but he only got to three of them, and was knocked out of two of those. And it’s hard to wonder if that might have changed the perception of him in the competition this year.

“It’s tough just because I’m not normally a guy that gets hurt. So I put a lot of that on myself,” Petty said. “As a quarterback, you got to be out there, and I wanted to be out there.

“You get four starts, which was an opportunity for me to show them kind of what they have and what I can do. And it didn’t work out that way. . . . I learned from it, and (I) just got to get better at protections and get the ball out, that way I stay on the field. . . .

“Just got to stay healthy. I got to stay out there.”

The Jets have insisted that the competition is wide open, though early reports have McCown looking the best at the moment. That’s not necessarily a surprise considering the experience gulf, but Petty wants to make sure he’s still in consideration, and there’s no real reason he shouldn’t be.

9 responses to “Bryce Petty likes his chances: “I can play this game”

  1. I like the Confidence he has but obviously he is not instilling it in Defensive Minded Jets approach and Petty is better suited as a career backup because he is not a pure enough timing passer and never will be.

  2. Petty throws a pretty good deep ball and has a quick release but his Feet are NOT good. He struggles with just his feet in general. but he is tough and he has value, just not as a starter. He should be battling with Josh to be the 2

  3. The team around him wasn’t very good, and the OL had tons of injuries, but he did not look very good in limited action last year.

    It is a tough transition from a spread offense to working under center even with a good team.

    At least some of his injuries weren’t totally his fault-he got crushed vs Dolphins as his OL missed the cadence and then didn’t move/allowed him to get crushed.

    Then vs Patriots his RB fumbled and when he tried to make a tackle he got hurt.

    But his accuracy and propensity for turnovers doesn’t bode well.

    He will get a chance, but my guess is, he will be lucky to get a job as a backup or 3rd string QB.

    I wish the Jets took Brett Hundley instead.

  4. There’s no real reason anyone should be excluded from that competition, it is the Jets after all. They should give the equipment guy a few reps with the starters just to see if there is anyone in the building capable of playing that position.

  5. He’s a 4th round pick going into his 3rd season and 2-3 years older than most of his draft class. Not much development time left. I’m surprised Hackenberg is ahead of him, though. Maybe just because he’s a 2nd, but cutting a 2nd rd QB before his second season is not unprecedented.

  6. The good news is the money they are saving at the QB position. The Jets have $7.276 million in total QB salary for 2017 (if McCown makes all his playing time and incentive #s you have to add another $7 mil to that total).

  7. Petty is awful.
    I hope the Jets give him some starts so they can get a high draft pick (a QB) in 2018.

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