Colts’ David Parry gets probation in one case, may get jail in another


Colts defensive lineman David Parry was sentenced to two years of probation in Arizona today after pleading guilty last month to attempting to commit unlawful means of transportation and disorderly conduct.

Parry may still face jail time in connection with the events of the same night: He has a court date next month on an extreme DUI charge. In Arizona, extreme DUI convictions result in automatic jail time; Vikings receiver Michael Floyd spent 24 days in jail this offseason for an extreme DUI conviction in Arizona.

Meanwhile, it’s surprising and troubling that so little attention has been paid to one detail in the police report: That Parry spewed homophobic and misogynistic slurs after he was arrested. The NFL, the Colts and Parry have been silent about that aspect of Parry’s arrest. The league likes to talk a good game about its commitment to tolerance, but when one of its players shows a decided lack of tolerance, the league takes no action unless there’s a public outcry. In Parry’s case, that outcry hasn’t materialized.

In two seasons with the Colts, Parry has started all 32 games, and that’s why the Colts are sticking with him. A lesser player would be cut for the same crimes.

21 responses to “Colts’ David Parry gets probation in one case, may get jail in another

  1. This is bad. Brady should be suspended for at least four games and the Pats should forfeit another draft pick.

  2. And I could have known about this earlier if not for the politics behind getting our beloved arrest meter removed from here….

  3. What no “this crooked organization will allow any convict to play for them” comments from the haters (as seen on any PATS posting)?

    Hmmmm. I guess it is JUST jealousy, not indignant righteousness, which causes those lunk-heads to speak out.

  4. Who cares what he said after arrested? Parry beat up some dude and stole his golf cart!

  5. …and yet they won’t look at Colin Kaepernick – an outrage. Can’t we discuss the truth? That’s what everyone cares about.

  6. it’s not a big deal that he was so drunk he stole a golf cart and ran someone over with it

    the big deal is that after being arrested, he called someone the b word!!

    God you liberals are backwards

  7. Pats fans are the worst. So bitter and vengeful. Any other fan base would be happy enough with a successful team, and would be classy enough to drop a grudge after a couple of super bowl victories. Not you lot though. Same cast of motley tools on every Colts or Ravens article, and pretty much every Broncos, Seahawks and Jets article too. I guess the Jets thing is less about a rivalry than it is about Yankees envy.


  8. …wow this guy went under the radar…

    must be….. or able to pass for… the caucasian persuasion.

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