Hue Jackson: Brock Osweiler has been “outstanding”


Browns quarterback Brock Osweiler is making a good showing for himself in the team’s quarterback competition.

Cleveland coach Hue Jackson said Osweiler has been better than expected since arriving in a trade with the Texans, who were desperate to unload his contract.

“Brock’s been a pleasant surprise,” Jackson said. “He’s done a good job. He works hard at it every day. He’s into it. I think he really enjoys being here. I think he’s really meshed with the other quarterbacks. He has a good feel to him.”

Zac Jackson of says Osweiler has been the best quarterback at the Browns’ Organized Team Activities “by a bunch” and Hue Jackson says all he can judge Osweiler on is what he’s done on Cleveland’s practice field.

“Since he’s been here he’s been outstanding,” he said. “I don’t judge people by what everybody else says, I judge them by what I see. . . . The guy’s been outstanding in our building and that’s what’s most important.”

Although he was acquired as a throw-in to a trade that allowed the Browns to get a draft pick and the Texans to get some space under the salary cap, Osweiler may just beat out Cody Kessler and DeShone Kizer and become the Browns’ Week One starter.

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  1. Jackson’s comment claiming Osweiler is outstanding says all you need to know about the state of affairs in Cleveland.

    Playing against a Cleveland defense in OTA’s is very different than playing a game against real professionals.

  2. Jackson’s comment claiming Osweiler is outstanding says all you need to know about the state of affairs in Cleveland.

    Playing against a Cleveland defense in OTA’s is very different than playing a game against real professionals.


    this goes for EVERY team in OTA’s …..

  3. Cody Kessler & a rookie who was barely average in college ..that’s some stiff competition

  4. “The guy’s been outstanding in our building….” What does that mean? He does a great job of getting everyone’s coffee?

    Seriously, compared to Kessler and Kizer, he probably is the best QB on the roster, but that isn’t saying much.

  5. Playing against a Cleveland defense in OTA’s is very different than playing a game against real professionals
    Would you like to state who your defense of professionals consists of so we may judge you accordingly?

  6. We’ll see if he still says that after the first regular season game. Proof is in the full speed play against an opponent.

  7. i called it he was going to be starting and will play relatively well…book it

  8. Osweiler will have an OUTSTANDING O-Line so he could have a REALLY good season.

  9. Is that one of those regional expressions? Is “outstanding” just another word for “tall” in Cleveland?

  10. Just remember, they didn’t want him, they liked their QB’s and the potential to get one in the draft (as they did with Kizer).

    But they wanted that 2nd round pick and to unload him. So they ….lucked… into Osweiler. (and maybe shamed by the media into keeping him since no one would trade for him)

    Of course he’s still Brock Osweiler, and that’s all you need to know. The guy that can’t hack it elsewhere, that the Browns didn’t want, is the best looking QB on their roster.

  11. Cleveland should start him because he has the most experience of the bunch and if he plays well then it increases the market for potential trade partners.

  12. I remember when Hue said this about RGme last year… If something you say works, you stick with it.

  13. Take THAT Houston. And Elway too.

    Elway drafted Brock and liked him, but he wasn’t going to pay Brock $19M a year to beat out the Texans. His decision was dead spot on.

  14. I knew it. Osweiler will be a massive upgrade over what the Browns have had in recent years. The Texans screwed up. A potential super bowl team with Savage at the helm won’t get it done.

  15. I think it’s actually Osweiler that will be the bridge QB in Cleveland until Kizer is ready, and not Kessler. Don’t be surprised to see BO under center Week 1.

  16. Watch, Bill O’Brien will ruin Watson. Without a doubt, BOB is the most overrated coach in the NFL. He fell into a tremendous D, but his offense is predictable. Let’s not forget that this is the guy who “chewed out” Tom Brady on the sidelines and was then exiled to Happy Valley. Houston was taken in. A bad coach who has problems getting all of his players to play for him because he cannot dial it back. Looking for a coordinator job at the college level by 2019.

  17. I have an idea…how about all you nasty negative people try to see past your jealousy and give the kid a break? Just because O’Brien is the worst coach in the NFL and has done nothing to develop or support any of his last nine starters in 3 years, doesn’t mean you too have to blame Osweiler. All O’Brien’s fault that the Texans struggled not Osweiler’s. He got them further than they’ve been before. He did extremely well in Denver and broke and still holds college records at ASU. And to the idiot who says Cleveland never wanted him…um, they put in an offer when he went into free agency. They have wanted him for awhile.

  18. This is how it goes in Cleveland. They’ll by lulled into believing that they have a good QB….then the season starts followed by lots of losing and the QB being cut. The cycle will begin again next year when the sign Kaepernick, Culter or Ryan Fitzpatrick….followed by more losing.

  19. What is that awful wretching sound??? Oh, it was me when I read “Brock has been outstanding”

  20. I hope he turns out to be a good QB for the Browns. He’s a good guy, and he has a lot of the tools. Like, I suspect, most Houston fans, I wish this guy nothing but success.
    But I don’t think it was going to happen in Houston. It wasn’t his coaching – it was how he played.
    We’ve seen plenty of players who don’t make it big with their first teams, and sometimes not until pretty late in their careers. I hope that’s Brock.

  21. Sometimes a change of scenery makes a big difference. I never hated the guy. I wish him luck.

  22. What do you expect him to say they are trying to find a trade partner. Evaluating a QB in OTAs or pre season is very misleading…….

  23. Lol @ all the negativity here. The Browns picked up a QB who just became a full time starter last season. Still, it was for Bill O’Brien and the offensively dysfunctional Texans.
    He’s actually won a playoff game, and stood for the Pledge of Allegiance. How many available QBs have done hat?

  24. I like Hue Jackson, and think he is a pretty good coach for the most part…but he can’t be trusted when he says a player is good. Whether he truly believes it, or whether he thinks by talking his teams up, they will gain confidence and perform at a higher level….Hue is notorious for ALWAYS saying his teams and his players are better than they truly are.

  25. Brock Osweiler is a good QB. He’s won a lot of NFL games. He’s still very young, has had about 5 different offensive coordinators so far, and yet he’s not making any excuses. The Browns are improving rapidly. They’re building the foundation of a really good team. Browns’ fans have been waiting for decades. A year or two more isn’t going to kill them.

  26. Of course he’s going to beat out the other guys! That’s a no-brainer. But there’s a reason why Denver let him get away, and there’s a reason why Houston benched him on the eve of the playoffs. He’s very limited – probably good enough to get the Browns to 5 or 6 wins.

  27. They’re trying to stir up trade interest. As a Texans fan, he was painful to watch last year.

    That being said, what a kick in the nuts it would be to Houston if Osweiler becomes a solid QB and Deshaun Watson doesn’t pan out.

  28. jrossizzle says:
    May 31, 2017 5:02 PM
    With the first pick in the NFL 2018 draft The Cleveland Browns select…

    Don’t see that happening.

    With the new draftees and the decent O’line they have now-5 or 6 wins even with the QBs they have on the roster.

    Kind of sucks really as next year is THE QB DRAFT. Whoever ends up at #1 would be able to trade that pick for an RG3 level of picks easily if they already have a decent QB around.

    The draft this year was deep but weak at the top-not the year the Browns needed to be in that spot. Reminded me of a few years ago when KC had the top spot and drafted a O-lineman.

  29. If some of the receivers develop he will do fine. Hue is a good offensive coach. Brock can do some (probably not all) of the things Palmer and Flacco have done in his system

  30. Last time I saw him play he couldn’t read defenses and he couldn’t throw accurately.

    Those things can be improved with practice, but I’ll believe it when I see it in an actual game.

  31. In other NFL news:
    Due to the nature of Hue Jackson’s comments on Brock Osweiler, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced a new drug testing protocol for NFL coaches.

    …and the Cleveland Browns are on the clock!

    The Factory of Sadness–3 full shifts–24/7!

  32. Just wait until he gets pressure and flings the ball into the defense’s hands like he did plenty of times in Houston. I bet Jackson won’t be so thrilled!

  33. Funny how the guy played well in Denver, joined up with the QB guru, who’s gone through what, 7 different quarterbacks during his time in Texas, regressed and now suddenly looks good. I’m just saying that once again Tom Brady has made another person seem better than he was. I hope they keep the guy and he does well, just to show O’Brien that he’s a lousy head coach.

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