Jordan Howard loses weight to improve on Pro Bowl rookie season

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Rookie running back Jordan Howard was one of the few bright spots in Chicago last season, getting to the Pro Bowl and finishing second in the NFL in rushing. But he’s not satisfied.

Howard said today that he has lost weight and worked on improving his diet this offseason after weighing in the 230s as a rookie.

“I want to be like 225 [pounds] during the season, so I’m still trying to cut weight,” Howard said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “I thought it was going to be a much slower pace in the NFL because it wasn’t a lot of up-tempo [offenses]. But the pace is still fast, so you have to be in great shape. They’re not expecting you to be getting into shape here. You’ve got to come in in shape and be ready.”

At this time last year Howard was a little-known rookie just fighting for a roster spot, but he now thinks he has to set a good example for teammates who will look up to him.

“Since I’m a Pro Bowler, people are going to be looking at me and seeing what I’m doing,” Howard said. “If I’m practicing hard, other people are going to want to practice hard when they see me do that. I just try to set the tone when I come out here.”

Howard is setting the tone both on the practice field and in the kitchen.

15 responses to “Jordan Howard loses weight to improve on Pro Bowl rookie season

  1. This guy is a heck of a player. As a Lions fan I am much more worried about him than Dalvin Cook. Cook needs to stay healthy(shoulders) and not fumble. If he can do that he has the raw talent to be a difference maker. Time will tell.

  2. He’ll be fine if the Bears OL can hang. They will likely be without Kyle Long for at least the first few games. That, and not getting hurt, which for Bears players seems to be a question of when, not if.

  3. Sounds full of himself for wanting to come into camp in shape and realizing after making the Pro Bowl his work ethic will be under a microscope? Yeah, sounds like a real ego maniac! OR maybe he sounds wise for a kid one year removed from college and someone who wants to get better and help his team get better. Go troll someone who actually deserves it greg3117.

  4. Unlike Eddie Lacy, Howard doesn’t need to lose any weight. It was a part of what made Howard so effective.

  5. This kid gets it. Hats off to him and as a Packers fan he has earned my respect already.

  6. The Bears are going to continue to ride this workhorse RB for the next couple of years to the tune of $600 grand a year or whatever paltry amount he makes as a 5th round pick -similar to how the Redskins did with Alfred Morris’s first 3 years. The NFLPA negotiated a pathetic agreement for the incoming rookies who get drafted outside of the 1st round.

  7. Too bad he will be worn out and broken down by the time the Bears complete (if they ever do) their rebuild.

  8. No one really expected Jordon to do so well last year. I think he will continue to rack up the yards, he doesn’t go down easy. He tore my Vikings a new one last year.

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