NFL executive Joe Lockhart sells house to Obamas for $8.1 million

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NFL V.P. of communications Joe Lockhart has sold his Washington, D.C. mansion to Barack and Michelle Obama.

The Washington Post reports that Lockhart sold the home for $8.1 million to Homefront Holdings LLC, which is controlled by the Obamas. The deed transfer was recorded on Wednesday. Lockhart gets a nearly $3 million profit after buying the home for $5.295 million three years ago.

Lockhart had originally agreed to rent the home to the Obamas but after they lived there for a few months they decided to buy it.

Lockhart was previously the press secretary and senior adviser to Bill Clinton

49 responses to “NFL executive Joe Lockhart sells house to Obamas for $8.1 million

  1. Obama is the only former President that is putting down roots in D.C.
    But I guess he can’t very well go back to Chicago with the mess he left there.

  2. And the rich get richer. Nice crib for a former prez that only made $400k a year and his wife didnt work

    —–Actually..He didn t work either!!!

  3. Lol. So did everyone in the Obama White House get rich? I guess the rumors of HIllary and Obama stealing millions is true. How do you explain a career community organizer and public servant affording this?

  4. Obama signed a book deal for $65 million and has given several speeches at $400K a pop (and more power to him). But therein lies the problem with politics today – it has become a power/money-grabbing career move used by capitalists to generate wealth and fame instead of a public service run by public servants. Term limits and an overturning of Citizens United would be good starting medicine but neither will ever happen.

  5. He was a millionaire going in, book sales as an author. Ooops, my bad, y’all don’t read books.

  6. Of course Michelle Obama worked. After Obama became Senator in Illinois, she got a job as in-house counsel at a hospital making over $300k a year. She left after Obama was elected President. Her job was so important, so vital to the hospital and its patients……they never filled it after she left.

  7. aballinhighgrass says:
    May 31, 2017 7:08 PM

    One wonders how a public servant has that much money?

    At compensation of $250K per speech, the math isn’t difficult. The real question is how did Lockhart earn a 43% return in just three years? And the answer is the tremendously increasing D.C. property values being bid up by the millionaire/billionaire robber barons who were imported by the current thief in charge. Deepen the swamp.

  8. ravens2014 says:
    May 31, 2017 7:28 PM

    $3 million profit in 3 years?!?! Sounds like Obama made a bad deal. Shocking.

    You want to see bad deals? Pay attention and watch real news over the major networks over the next year.

  9. jpk6044 says:
    May 31, 2017 7:51 PM

    Obama signed a book deal for $65 million and has given several speeches at $400K a pop (and more power to him). But therein lies the problem with politics today – it has become a power/money-grabbing career move used by capitalists to generate wealth and fame instead of a public service run by public servants. Term limits and an overturning of Citizens United would be good starting medicine but neither will ever happen.

    But we have a totally different type in office now. He speaks with an eighth grade vocabulary, probably paid someone to take his college exams and only knows how to bully contractors one on one in shady backroom deals. He’ll get things done. They may be personally beneficial to him and detrimental to the rest of us, but he’ll get things done.

  10. Its not just a Republican or Democrat issue, many people from both parties have used their power and position for personal gain. The longer they are in office the more likely it becomes….a very good argument for term limits.

  11. Do this many people not know that the former president already has two best selling books that have been generating over a million in income for the past 10 years not including his salary?
    Besides you have to be very stupid to think a person who is savvy enough to become president of the US would leave office after 8 years without plenty of connections all over the world to maintain a nice income when his top gift is his ability to communicate.

  12. LOL — people really get butt hurt when you criticize Obama. Like him or not, paying $3 million over what the seller bought it for either means Obama’s a moron or the other guy is a genius. Translated for the Obama worshippers, Obama was the victim of a “predatory” sale and/ Lockhart is a racist.

  13. You peeps need to hush this sports/politics stuff. It was a real estate transaction, not an election.

    Sports and politics have NO place together. With Sports, you win on talent. In Politics, money buys wins and most all of them are bad wins.

  14. The Obamas recently signed a 65 million dollar book deal with a publisher. That is one of the ways that they afford this house. Also, Mr. Obama is an author. He wrote 2 books that sold very well and made him a lot of money. And, all Presidents make a lot of money after they are out of office. There is nothing unethical or inappropriate about any of this.

  15. He can spend whatever he wants now. He is finished pulling the wool over the eye of the entire ” oppressed ” race. Gotta love it.

  16. King Pimple of a Man was never an above average communicator – he was a skilled reader -and most of his books he did not even write them – they had ghost writers. Almost everything about King Pimple was fake.

  17. Presidents write books. Congressmen and staffers become lobbyists. And so on. I’m a small government guy and critical of government on a consistent basis. So I love when others here do, but the partisanship gets annoying.

  18. Wow, there’s a lot of hateration going on here. No one said anything about The Bushs or The Clintons. At least he’s using his own money. I hear that there’s a millionaire using a lot of your money every week to play golf in Florida (at his own place). They’re calling it “Club Covfefe.”

  19. It’s Obama’s time to ride the gravy train of past corrupt services to the business plutocrats who own and run this country — like bailing-out the banks and not prosecuting a single bankster for their massive frauds (while abandoning the middle class in the ’08 financial crisis) — just like the Clintons.

    In the old days, corruption involved slipping the cash under the table while the politician was in office. Now, it’s a whispered “done worry; we’ll take care of you when you leave office”, and they do.

  20. Btw……you idiots out there who believe you can write a couple of books and afford an 8 million dollar home………go back to watching your fake news. Wouldn’t want reality to change your opinions

  21. The United States in now a third world country, i wonder what Kaepernick thinks about our former black gestapo dictators new plutocratic home?

  22. The reaction will be interesting when those that dislike Obama find out the type of religious establishment is a block down the street from Obama’s new home. Hilariously ironic.

  23. To the term limits advocates – Yoi already have them, they’re called elections. Every two years for the Hoise of Representatives, every six years for senators.

    The people always have the power to impose term limits through voting. No arbitrary amount of time in office is necessary.

  24. The amount of disinformation in these comments is staggering. Commenters are all over the board on Obama’s compensation for speeches and books. If you’re going to critcize someone, at least get the facts correct.

  25. Do what you want O, thats the American… capitalist way!
    Just like with your administration, we’ll just pay attention to what you say and not what you actually do. Its not like you spent 8 years railing against those 400K/speech people…. taking a private jet and 14 car caravan to climate change summits directly from a yacht in Tahiti…. or and hey, just like you upped the national debt more than all other presidents combined you’re doing more direct anti government activism than all previous presidents too
    You go O

  26. The Obamas were not rich when he got into office yet they can now afford an $8 million plus house? Plus furnish and maintain an $8 million plus house? Yet the democrats will vilify Wall Street for others trying to make money. Obama = hypocrisy.

  27. Obama made his money on book deals and will most likely donate a huge chunk to charity. He is also wealth wise a peasant compared to the rest of Washington and former Presidents.

    The whole thing about money is even more ridiculous considering the current President is a billionaire and has no ethics when it comes to wealth.

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