Sean McVay: Jared Goff has improved; We’ll let best player play


The Rams are practicing without defensive tackle Aaron Donald and cornerback Trumaine Johnson at their Organized Team Activities, which gave coach Sean McVay plenty of chances Tuesday to use variations on stock answers about OTAs being voluntary and focusing on the players who are at practice.

McVay may have been doing the same when asked about competition at the quarterback position. With 2016 first overall pick Jared Goff and Sean Mannion in the top two spots on the depth chart, there hasn’t been much talk about competition in Los Angeles because no one has imagined Goff won’t be starting come September.

McVay said Goff is the No. 1, but intimated that the door isn’t closed to things playing out differently.

“I think what we’ve tried to preach to our players is we’re going to let the best players play,” McVay said. “We’re trying to win football games and whoever we feel like gives us the best chance is who’s going to play behind center. Right now, we feel very good about what they’ve both done. Jared has done a nice job getting better, but you always want to make sure that you’re playing the guy that you feel like gives you the best ability to win football games, because we owe it to our coaches, to our players and to this organization to do that. I think what we’ve seen is good for those guys, but right now Jared’s the starter and he’s done a nice job commanding that role.”

That isn’t quite the optimistic, fully invested answer about Goff that you might expect to hear in May. That may just be because McVay chose to go with some well-honed coach speak about the merits of competition because the prospect of Goff as anything other than the team’s starter in 2017 is one that’s hard to fathom given how much they gave up to get him to L.A.

8 responses to “Sean McVay: Jared Goff has improved; We’ll let best player play

  1. As a close friend of the organization Jared “Small Hands” Goff should hope to benefit from McVay. The main thing is that the organization should hold out hope that McVay isn’t Daniels-in-Denver 2.0

  2. Basically, McVay has an out when Goof stinks up the field comes September. Deer in headlights. NFC West defenses must be licking their chops.

  3. Watching him on Hard Knocks sure made him look like a future bust.

    Just seemed to be like an 18 y/o freshman baseball player trying to fit in. Happy to be on the Varsity.

    Game tapes may not lie but meetings sure as heck should stand out as to whether the guy is a leader or not.

    Wentz stood out as they all have said and all we know about Goff is the surfer dude on Hard Knocks.

    Hope he does well. The League needs every team to have a great QB, then the NFL would be way more competitive.

  4. This is sending a message to his entire team that players won’t be given anything and need to compete every single day. It’s about bringing focus to the team and rewarding hard work and quite frankly it’s what any team should be doing. There should be no free handouts.

  5. Tom Brady is still improving, so it’s logical that a second year QB would be too. Goff should have a solid career. Although there were a lot of good QBs drafted last year, Goff was a legit #1 pick.

  6. Unfortunately, Goff had the bad luck to be drafted by a bad team with a bad head coach, bad offensive coach, bad coaching staff, and bad offensive line. On top of that, circumstances dictated that he be thrown to the wolves before any of these problems were fixed. It would have been much better if he had been drafted by a team that had a good QB so he would have had time to learn the game, but no such luck.

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