Ty Montgomery: Move to RB about quality over quantity

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Ty Montgomery’s move from wide receiver to running back paid dividends for the Packers in the late stages of the 2016 season and the team went all in on Montgomery as their top back this offseason by saying goodbye to the other veteran members of the backfield.

That spot on the running back depth chart is higher than Montgomery would be as a receiver on a team that also has Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams, something that Montgomery has considered when thinking about the position shift. While he knows that running backs can have a shorter window of productivity, Montgomery is fine with that because he wouldn’t be “as happy because I’m not having the amount of success that I’d like to have” if he stayed as a lower-rung receiver.

“So, would I rather be trying to be someone’s No. 1 running back than being somebody’s fourth, fifth or sixth receiver?” Montgomery said, via ESPN.com. “Would I rather be trying to make someone’s team as a fourth, fifth, sixth receiver and potentially not making as much money as I could if I played 6-8 years in the league and have the potential to make the amount of money I could at the running back position? It all came down to quality over quantity, and I want the quality of years to be what I want.”

If Montgomery continues to progress as a running back, quantity shouldn’t be an issue in the short term because he’s in line to see the ball quite often.

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  1. I look forward to the RB battle in camp. Ty’s weightlifting regime changed with his position switch and he’s stronger heading into the season. Always love to see a great human being succeed, too.

  2. Dude is gonna be a beast in PPR leagues this year…probably end up with decent committee RB numbers, like 800-900 yards, 6 TDs. But he’s gonna continue to be a matchup problem out of the backfield, tons of checkdown grabs turned into long gains. At least 50 catches and 4 TDs through the air this year

  3. I don’t see a great RB in Monty. I am not sure what Packer fans are seeing but this guy isn’t going to break many tackles and is an average pass blocker at best. Saw him get shoestring tackled a couple of times around the goalline. I hope one of the rookies emerges as the featured back.

  4. Is anyone else worried that the Packers are putting all their eggs in the basket of a guy who has had more than 11 carries in a game one time in his career? Granted, he had a great game that one time, but we have no idea if he can handle the pounding that a full-time running back has to take. After his 16-carry, 162-yard game against the Bears, his second-best game was 9 carries for 60 yards, again against the Bears. A couple of those rookies better come through because Montgomery is not going to be able to carry the load the whole season.

  5. Is this “quality” stance something dirty mike & the boys beat into ty’s psyche? Or is he just that naive?
    Either way, the running game in gb is make believe.

  6. He’ll be fine. The Packers will be fine. The haters will continue to have chronic anxiety attacks, knowing the Packers remain the team-to-beat in the North Division.

  7. That quality vs quantity crack was a shot at Lacy, as he struggled to keep his quantity under 275 lbs.

  8. h0metownzero says:
    May 31, 2017 3:50 PM

    Ty Montgomery – 5.9 YPC
    Ezekiel Elliott – 5.1 YPC
    Le’Veon Bell – 4.9 YPC

    Ahhhhhhhhh. So nice.

    So Ty Montgomery is better than Ezekiel Elliott and Le’Veon Bell. Got it. I’ll just file that will all your “Packer Super Bowl” and “Vikings last place” predictions.

    Of course, Elliott had 322 carries and Bell had 261 carries while Montgomery had 77. I’m not sure that 5.9 ypc is going to hold up if he ever manages to get up to, say, 100 carries in a season.

  9. Phantom, keep in mind these are the same clowns that said that Lacy was better than Bell. Take their comments for what they’re worth.

  10. “So, would I rather be trying to be someone’s No. 1 running back than being somebody’s fourth, fifth or sixth receiver?”
    So Ty himself never expected to be better than a 4th receiver.

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