Vance Joseph: Now is time for learning for Broncos quarterbacks

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In the final week of May with quarterbacks Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch learning a new offense under offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, Broncos head coach Vance Joseph isn’t about to rush to judgment.

The new Broncos head coach is using this point of the offseason to make sure the roots of the offense are put in place before the competition for the team’s starting job commences for real in training camp.

The point of OTAs, in my opinion for the quarterbacks, is to learn Mike’s system now so in training camp they can really compete for a job,” Joseph said in quotes distributed by the team. “Right now, it’s a learning process. Mike has put a lot of offense in. Some of those plays are really long. I can’t even pronounce them, so it’s a process.”

“Right now, it’s a learning process with a new offense going in. Right now, everyone is learning. It is tough to evaluate the quarterbacks when everyone is learning. Sometimes the receivers mistake can fall back on the quarterback’s mistake. Right now, everyone is learning. Obviously in the fall, it would ramp up as far as decision-making and who’s playing the best at each position.”

Lynch is trying to push Siemian for the starting job after being relegated to reserve duty for most of his rookie year. Lynch made two starts in place of Siemian but both are on equal footing now in a brand new offense.

“I thought Paxton has been fine,” Joseph said. “He’s made some really impressive throws. He’s made some bad ones. Both guys have. Again, it’s the learning stages of a new offense.”

5 responses to “Vance Joseph: Now is time for learning for Broncos quarterbacks

  1. Coach Vance, make the offense simply. I can put in a high school offense and still win in the NFL. Why do you think there’s a tv show and why do you think most 5th graders are smarter then most adults.

  2. Explain to me again how this failed DC got a Head Coaching job? And is now on expert on QB development?

  3. This is ‘buy me a few years’ talk by setting expectations VERY low.

    Yeah… why did Kubiak bail?

    Existing QB position is a bust!… and it was a BUST before the 72 million man proved it for the Texans.

    Bronco’s current starting QBs would be 3rd at best on any true NFL depth chart. Success this year is ALL about the O line giving slow thinkers… more time to make a few plays.

  4. ^^^^^You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. T Siem’s first year as a starter was actually quite good. Much better than Derek Carr (who began his career 0-10) or Kirk Cousins for that matter, and now everyone considers them ‘franchise’ QB’s. Siemian was 8-6 in his first year as a starter, in a transition year for the Broncos. I also find it hilarious that everyone is counting out the Broncos based on their offense, but giving the Raiders a pass for their piss poor defense. The Broncos are the only team in the AFC West that have a side of the.ball that is the best in the NFL, which would be the Broncos defense. Can’t wait till the season when we shut the entire league and their stupid fan bases up once and for all.

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