Ameer Abdullah had a Lisfranc injury in 2016

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The Lions hope running back Ameer Abdullah will become their workhorse in 2017. To get there, he’ll have to fully overcome a serious foot injury from Week Two of last season.

Via, Abdullah told The Carriker Chronicles podcast that the tailback injured the ligament last September.

“I ended up tearing my Lisfranc the second game of the season against the Tennessee Titans, separating my foot, so that was a bummer for me,” Abdullah told podcast host and former NFL defensive lineman Adam Carriker. “But I’m shaking back good now. It’s helped me understand my body more, so I’m a lot more penciled in on what I need to do as far as recovery, make sure I’m [doing all the] right things for my body to make sure I’m ready for this 2017 season.”

Via Michael Rothstein of, certain versions of the podcast were edited to remove reference to the Lisfranc injury. Abdullah was reportedly cleared in February, and he has been participating in the team’s offseason program.

15 responses to “Ameer Abdullah had a Lisfranc injury in 2016

  1. How do we have a system where every team is permitted to lie openly about the injuries incurred by their players? Does the NFL Commissioner approve this practice of blatant lying about injuries?
    Why can’t teams be forced to inform their fans the truth about player injuries?

  2. Man Lions suck. Werent even competing last year and risked further injury on what was supposed to be their feature back.

    Lisfrancs are no joke.

  3. Uglydingo – Medical records are private. Should everyone be permitted to see your medical records? Just because someone is in the NFL doesn’t mean their rights to privacy get thrown out the window. I understand why fans want to know but…it’s not really any of our business.

  4. He’s done. Not to be pessimistic but I had a lisfranc fracture 5 years ago at age 21 and I never got back to the function and ability I had before the injury and subsequent surgery. Just look at santonio Holmes. It ended his career. He never played again. Tough break for the kid. They’re career changers.

  5. Gomer had one of these before he started pumping roids and his forehead almost caved his neck in.

    Very serious injury and not good for an RB.

  6. AA has been a full participant in OTAs so far and looks very good. Lions fans know this. But people can continue to think his career is over. Pop in to the Lions website and watch videos from OTAs and see for yourself.

  7. Another Lions running back had a career-ending lis franc injury a few years ago – Kevin Smith? Kevin Jones?

  8. Before you hate, just make sure you refer to him as ‘2015 PRO BOWL MVP’ Matthew Stafford says:
    Jun 1, 2017 5:17 PM

    Yet future hall of famer Matthew Stafford STILL willed this team to the playoffs. Wow!

    And choked like he did the last time, he was there. Typical Detroit performance.

  9. Hope Ameer has a healthy season. Always enjoy watching the posters with Lions title in they’re names who’s not a fan at all eat crow when they’re proven wrong…….

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