Chris Simms spends an hour in studio with PFT Live

Getty Images

Thursday’s bleary-eyed edition of PFT Live following a short night of sleep after getting home from Pittsburgh after Game Two of the Stanley Cup Final includes the next in our current run of current or former players who spend an hour in studio.

Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms gets his turn in the chair from the Connecticut location of PFT Live, joining me for the final four segments of the first June show of the year.

NBC’s “Inside the Glass” hockey analyst Pierre McGuire also will join us for the fourth straight day to explain what happened last night between the Predators and Penguins, and what it means for Saturday night in Nashville.

So join us at 6:00 a.m. ET on NBC Sports Radio, and then turn on the TV (or other device) to NBCSN for the final two hours.