Josh Norman comments give Dez Bryant no extra motivation

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When it comes to Josh Norman, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant says he will do his talking on the field.

Bryant’s name came up in a recent interview with the Redskins cornerback while he was discussing why “s–t is going to get real ugly” in the NFC East this season. Norman said Bryant is “just a guy” who doesn’t “wow” with his play on the field.

Bryant was asked about Norman’s comments on Wednesday, but didn’t fire back at a player he sparred with twice in Dallas wins last year.

“No, no, no, no. Why would I respond to that? He’ll see me when he sees me. When I line up against him, we’re going to go at it. That’s what it is,” Bryant said, via “I don’t have no words to say to him. … There’s no extra motivation. All I care about is me. All I care about is that first game, that second game, that third game, that fourth game, all the way up to the last game, all the way up to the playoffs.”

The Cowboys will be in Washington on October 29 and they’ll host the rematch on November 30, which will be a Thursday night game.

27 responses to “Josh Norman comments give Dez Bryant no extra motivation

  1. Can’t wait for a WR to do Norman just like what Andre Johnson did to Cortland Finnegan for talking crap and always trying play dirty. Norman is like today’s Finnegan when it comes to CB. Someone need to put hands on him to shut him up.

  2. Its weird – i cant stand the cowboys but i am pulling for them in this instance. Norman is a clown. Has to flap his gums and bring someone elses name up to feel relevant.

  3. Dez is as overrated as they come, Josh Norman is physical and can run with him stride for stride

  4. I was a Norman fan after he clowned OBJ that one game and made him lose his mind and cost Coughlin his job. OBJ has been a buffoon ever since; partying in Miami instead of preparing for GB (he was a no-show during the game), lost a fight to a kicking net, and partying with Johnny Can’t Stay Sober instead of being with his teammates.

    As much credit as Norman gets for turning OBJ into a sideshow curiosity, his act is wearing thin. He used that one game to scam the Redskins out of big money. Now he’s calling out players who are going to eat his lunch.

  5. Last time these 2 met Dez had 5 rec. for 72 yds and no TDs! Dez didnt even have 1000 yds receiving but he is in the probowl simply because of reputation and popularity! Dez Bryant is overrated Hands down!!!!…..Cole Beasely is better!!!

  6. If we could get a repeat of Andre Johnson vs Cortland Finnegan between these two, that would be awesome.

  7. Talk is the only thing Norman can do to stay relevant. He will be picked on in the NFC East this year and continue to be exposed for the fraud that he is.

  8. Norman is one of the most overrated players and easily the most overrated corner in all of football.

    88 will have a great season this year. He’s finally at 100% health. Norman is going to be burnt toast.

  9. dirtydrynn27 says:

    Last time these 2 met Dez had 5 rec. for 72 yds and no TDs!

    So he actually had a good performance, considering Norman is the best corner in NFL history, right?

  10. No touchdowns in 4 games and under 200 yards, pretty sure 24 has kept him in check

  11. burakuzy6592 says:
    Jun 1, 2017 1:40 PM

    No touchdowns in 4 games and under 200 yards, pretty sure 24 has kept him in check


    Think about how healthy Dez was in those 4 games and it will bring a better perspective to those numbers. Even though he was playing, he wasn’t near 100%.

  12. ^^more importantly, remember that Dallas’ entire identity is run first, ball control offense.

    Let that sink in for just a second: you couldnt stop them running, and wih a ROOKIE QB throwing, you’re yapping that Dez “only” had 5 for 72? So you couldnt stop them running OR throwing, with a rookie QB and RB? Hahahahaha!

    You’re delusional. Dez went for 100+ in game one last year. Norman was covering him one on one part of that game.

  13. Love how Dallas fans assume they will win the East again, lost some key parts on that team

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