Carroll on Kaepernick: We’re not doing anything at this time

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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Friday that he believes quarterback Colin Kaepernick is “a starter in this league,” but he isn’t going to be a backup in Seattle at the moment.

Kaepernick visited with the Seahawks recently in the first sign of possible interest in his services since Kaepernick became a free agent earlier this year. Carroll said it was a “very productive” meeting and that “the doors are always open to opportunities,” but that the Seahawks are standing pat at the backup quarterback position for the time being. 

“Colin’s been a fantastic football player and he’s going to continue to be,” Carroll said. “At this time, we didn’t do anything with it. We know where he is, who he is and we had a chance to understand him much more so. He’s a starter in this league and I can’t imagine somebody won’t give him a chance to play.”

In a follow-up question, Carroll was asked if he thought Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the national anthem last year was the reason why a starter-level quarterback remained unsigned. He said “that’s not my issue” before saying the Seahawks were comfortable that they know what they’re doing at the position.

Trevone Boykin and Jake Heaps are currently on the roster as backups to Russell Wilson.

34 responses to “Carroll on Kaepernick: We’re not doing anything at this time

  1. At this point Kapernick is a street free agent. Why sign him now, when you can sign him only if you have to in an emergency during the season.

  2. Non story after non story about this guy.

    Is PFT TRYING to lose readership?

  3. TRUE answer—why would you bring in a backup QB who is a huge distraction as well as ticks fans off and will cost you money ?? No one and that’s why Kap is done in the NFL.

  4. The media en masse need to look in the mirror to find out why Kaepernick is still unemployed (beyond his lack of appreciable QB skillz)
    They turned this guy into a three ring circus… some b/c they’re hell bent on pushing “the narrative” but mostly for the simple reason the media does anythinng these days…. $$$$$$
    Thats right, Kaepernick got sensationalized to drive viewership/hits/whatever to sell advertising. He got anti Tebowed cause the media knew they had somethig where everyone would constantly be like “he said what” or “hey! You have to head over th PFt to see what socks Kaepernik is wearing now!”
    He was turned into a circus and NO team is willing to sign a total distraction just to hold a clip board

    Seattle just signed Zac Dysert…PFT can now continue with their daily Kap updates program.

  6. “Trevone Boykin and Jake Heaps are currently on the roster as backups to Russell Wilson.”

    That line was no doubt added as a shot at Pete Carroll because Seattle didn’t sign him, confirming the PFT reasoning that Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed for his politics.
    However, it fails to read between the lines. Carroll stated that he believes Kaepernick is a starter in this league. But he already has a starter — a much better one than Kaepernick.
    Since Kaepernick already visited Seattle, it’s hard to believe the topics of Kaepernick’s perceived role with the Seahawks did not come up, nor what kind of salary he’s looking for.
    Yes, Kaepernick is better than the two stiffs currently behind Russell Wilson. But is it so hard to believe that Kaepernick still sees himself as a starter, or at least wants to be given a shot to compete for a starting job, and is looking for a salary commensurate with that role?
    If so, the cap-strapped Seahawks are not the team for him.

  7. He’s obviously not a starter in this league if he can’t even get on a roster as a backup. Quite frankly, his style of QB play seems to be going away after a few years of popularity, and given the difficulty in changing your entire offense to accommodate his run-first approach to the position, it is hard to imagine him getting a job, barring an injury in Seattle or Carolina. (Are there any other teams that use a tuck & run QB?)

  8. RandyinRoxbury says:
    PFT, Can we please have some Tebow stories even if baseball related, we’re all Kapped out here!

    “Kapped out.” I like it.

  9. Hypothetically speaking….
    Had Aaron Rodgers worn a Hitler T-shirt while speaking out against religious persecution in the middle East what do think the media’s reaction would be?
    Kaep wearing a Castro T-shirt while speaking out against systematic oppression is basically the same thing, but its not being covered the same way.
    Think about it….

  10. The Seahawks are not “cap-strapped.” There is just no value in a “starter” like Kaepernick who can’t hit the broad side of a barn, is dumb as rocks, is hated by the majority of Americans and isn’t as good a fit for their scheme as Trevone Boykin.

  11. Translation-“When he is ready to accept the number$ we are offering, we will talk further.”

  12. Boykin went undrafted and was arrested how many times yet he’s got a job. The main reason? The Hawks look beyond his nonsense and see he has talent that make him a gamble worth rosterig.
    Kaepernick doesn’t have a job. The main reason? There isn’t a single owner, GM, or coach that believe his talent or ability outweigh his nonsense.

    Sorry, he’s just not that good. He can stand, kneel, hand stand or spin on his head, if he could throw for 4000 yards, or win 10 games he’d be on a roster right now. There are teams that would sign a QB that beat babies over the head with puppies if they thought the QB could take them to the big game. Kaep is unemployed cause he sucks now. The sooner that’s understood the sooner we can look forward to connor Shaw updates.

  13. You know, even with his declining abilities which I believe are because he became a vegan or whatever, I’ve seen the guy play a lot and I also saw what happened when Carr got injured. You can’t tell me he couldn’t make second string on the Raiders. So what is the reason he hasn’t found a job?

  14. His last play of last season was being sacked by the son of Cuban refugees in front of a booing crowd in Miami. It will be fitting if that’s the last play of his career.

  15. seahawkboymike says:
    The Seahawks are not “cap-strapped.”

    You need to learn something about “context,” Mike.
    In mid-May the Seahawks had approximately $7 million in available cap space. That’s great if you’re taking about adding some backup pieces and holding a little in reserve to extend deals during the season.
    However, the subject of this article is Colin Kaepernick, and my original comment was that he may be looking for starter-type money, even though he would be a backup in Seattle.
    In that scenario, even paying a backup QB at the low end of starter money makes Seattle VERY cap-strapped.

  16. Over/under On the number of weekend Kap stories has been set at 6. Pony up your bets

  17. liberal coach of a liberal team, in a liberal city, in a liberal state –

    Still, must be the politics is the reason this guy ain’t signed, right?

  18. Just think of the media circus that will follow this guy if he is signed. Then the question will be “why isn’t he playing?”

  19. Alright I tried to be nice. You NFL fans seem to be mostly brainwashed pro USA military empire, a country that is too cowardly to fight but would rather drop bombs with remote controlled airplanes on wedding banquets in a foreign country. Our country also trains the police force to be a menacing anti freedom police state. Like it or not, Kaep was at the very least partly right, and is being treated unfairly. My brother was in the military, and I respect him for that. But I also respect Kaepernick, even though he is partly wrong and mis-guided.

  20. He needs to hire Ryan Fitzpatrick’s agent. That guy can get anybody a job in this league.

  21. Seahawks badly need a real backup QB
    They like Boykin so much, they refused to play him at all while Wilson would barely move with multiple injuries behind a porous offensive line last year.
    Keep in mind the Seahawks lost to the RAMS!

    It took most of the year for Wilson to heal, and even then he was not 100%.

    Boykin was not drafted since he got into a fight with a cop before a bowl game when he should have been in his room. Then got arrested…2 more times since? Doesn’t sound like Mr. Reliable.

    If Seattle wants to get back to the super bowl, they need better depth at the QB position. If Wilson is forced to play hurt again, he’ll never be in a condition to contribute by the end of the year.

    Other QBs on the roster are glorified camp arms. Given the OL is still terrible, expect Wilson to list every body part on the injury report for 99% of the season.

    Or after the fact, then apologize for not listing him per league rules.

  22. curtj5 says:
    Our country also trains the police force to be a menacing anti freedom police state.

    You’ve never spent two seconds in a police state, and if you think this is one then you’re a snowflake that wouldn’t last 10 seconds in the real thing.

  23. Seattle making a BIG time mistake! Kaepernick is hungry and would be the best backup QB in the league based on how well he fits the starting QB’s style.

    And with the problems with Sherman and the locker room, they need someone like Kaep that everyone in that locker room would RESPECT.

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