Drew Brees “could not be more impressed” by Ted Ginn

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Running back Adrian Peterson’s arrival has been a big storyline for the Saints in recent weeks, but he’s not the only new addition to the offense getting good reviews from quarterback Drew Brees during Organized Team Activities.

Brees also likes what he’s seen from wide receiver Ted Ginn, who signed with the team earlier in the offseason. Ginn’s speed has long been his calling card and reports from the team’s practices mesh with Brees’ observation that the wideout can still go fast.

“I could not be more impressed with Teddy,” Brees said, via ESPN.com. “I think he’s great for that room, just as being a veteran guy who’s been around a long time, played a lot of football,” Brees said. “I think he’s played some of his best football here over the last few years too, as he’s become more veteran. And I think he just brings a great element to that room — wisdom and leadership. And he’s still extremely productive. He certainly doesn’t look like he’s lost a step. He can fly.”

Ginn is coming off two productive years with the Panthers and playing with Brees leaves him well positioned to keep things going for a third season.

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  1. It’s like listening to a bunch of 8 year old girls whinning about losing their dolls. ” I didn’t like that doll anyway, it sucked ! ” I liked Adrian Peterson, and Ted Ginn, but now that i lost them, they SUCK!” Get over it, your teams didn’t want them. Think Minnesota and Carolina, your just worried letting these guys go is going to come back and bite ya !!!

  2. As a Dolphin fan I remember when our former single season Head Coaching great Cam Cameron, surprised the world when he selected Ginn in the first round. I remember the collective “WTF?!” that leapt every Dolphin fans lips. I remember going 1-15 that year. I know no one player, especially a rookie receiver, is going to turn a terrible franchise around, and I remember seeing our #1 pick’s blazing speed as he blew by defenders. The excitement of a possible big play. Only to watch time and time again as perfectly thrown ball after ball caromed off his stone hands. I remember him running every single kick return out of bounds. I remember thinking ” I have never seen anyone avoid contact like this guy.” I remember he was a nice guy who the fans didn’t hate, but we were certainly happy to see that roster spot vacated. He will blind you with his speed. Get you excited about the possibilities. Then rip your heart out as he drops pass after pass inside the endzone.

  3. Ginn definitely is an exceptional field-stretcher. He’ll only ~sorta~ replace Cooks though, because his other WR skills are just average.

    The narrative is that he drops a lot of passes. Although he actually did not drop a ton, the ones he did drop were typically well-placed and often at crushing times. And hence the narrative…

  4. The 2009 All-Pro team they are putting together in New Orleans is going to be quite impressive! 25% of their roster will retire after the season.

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