Giants sign Jerome Lane, need a new backboard

Getty Images

The Giants need their latest signing to break a few tackles, not backboards.

Via Zachary Ripple of the New York Daily News, the Giants signed wide receiver Jerome Lane, an undrafted rookie from Akron.

His father was former Pitt forward Jerome Lane, probably best known for his backboard shattering dunk which caused television analyst Bill Raftery to yell “Send it in, Jerome.”

(And if no one from the Giants said that while filing the contract, just know we’re very disappointed in them).

The younger Lane spent a few weeks with the Colts earlier this spring. Originally a linebacker at Akron, he caught 101 passes for 1,800 yards and 14 touchdowns in his final two seasons at Akron. They waived rookie wideout Jalen Williams to make room for him on the roster.