Shane Ray thankful DeMarcus Ware taught him to be a pro

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When the Broncos took edge rusher Shane Ray in the first round of the 2015 NFL draft, they did so despite already having edge rushers Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware in place. Now Ware is retired, and Ray, who will be counted on more to pick up some slack in Ware’s absence, is thankful for the time the two of them had together.

He shared a lot of knowledge with me, on how to handle certain situations how to look at things,” Ray told Jim Rome. “His knowledge of the game, teaching me pass rush every day, teaching me keys to look at, things to understand, it was very helpful for me, to come into the league to have a guy of his caliber share that kind of knowledge with me, I really appreciate it.”

Ware also taught Ray about keeping himself in top condition during the offseason.

“Taking care of my body, to my eating habits, my training regiment, how I might go get acupuncture and my diet,” Ray said. “The outside of football things were more impactful to me than I feel like on the field stuff. DeMarcus was teaching me about management of this and that, and kind of going in-depth as a 12-year veteran who has done pretty much everything that I’m setting out to do.”

Last year in Denver, Ware struggled through injuries and started eight games, and Ray started the eight games that Ware didn’t start. This year, the Broncos hope Ray can fill in for Ware permanently, and that the student can become as good a player as the teacher.

14 responses to “Shane Ray thankful DeMarcus Ware taught him to be a pro

  1. D. Ware is a solid spokesman for the NFL. I hope he finds a job in their front office if he wants it. He should never want for anything, though.

  2. Shane Ray is hella underrated. He jumped to top 10 3-4 defensive pass rushers in the league last year with 8 sacks in 8 starts and 45 total QB pressures.

    This year he will more than likely improve with Von Miller improving on the opposite side. poor-poor QBs.

  3. This was another late first round steal by John Elway. Every year, a couple blue chippers slip, for some reason, and Elway has been taking advantage of this. Bradley Roby, Shane Ray, and Paxton Lynch were all top 5 players. At the time, it didn’t appear that those positions were the Broncos’ positions of need, but those are the 3 most important positions on the field. Those are always positions of need. Elway also creates an environment where there are really great veteran teachers around, like Manning and Ware, to school these young guys, both on and off the field. In Talib’s case, maybe just on the field.

  4. Tombones –
    Paxton Lynch, Bradley Roby, and Shane Ray were not top 5 players. Roby and Ray both fell because of failed drug tests and had major off the field issues.

  5. probably the most overrated player i’v seen
    from that draft

    terrible vs the run and could not crack
    the starting lineup over and old guy with a bad back

    another poor roi pick from elway

    ray will be exposed all year off the edge

    way too small to play 3-4 olb

    huge reach for a finesse gimmick player

  6. Yeah Ty, a sack per game is a gimmick teams hate. Every draft pick should start every game too.

  7. tylawspick6 says:
    Jun 3, 2017 10:26 AM

    probably the most overrated player i’v seen
    from that draft


    Dante Fowler was way more hyped than Ray ever was.

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