What’s the next step in the Ezekiel Elliott investigation?

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It’s been nearly a year since Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott first faced accusations of domestic violence. Amid reports that Elliott and the NFL Players Association finally delivered to the league phone records and other documents to comply with a “longstanding request,” what’s next?

There are three possible next steps.

First, the investigation could continue. Specifically, the contents of the information provided by Elliott to the league could spark new questions for Elliott or the alleged victim aimed at resolving ambiguities or possible inconsistencies. With no internal deadline for getting things done, the questions could linger — and the process could hover over the 2017 season, like it hovered over the 2016 season.

Second, the NFL could conclude that Elliott violated the Personal Conduct Policy and impose discipline. Elliott would have appeal rights, and the league would try to get everything resolved before Week One. Litigation aimed at blocking an eventual suspension also would be possible, which could allow Elliott to delay or ultimately defeat the punishment through the court system.

Third, the investigation could end with an announcement or a leak to the media (possibly media owned by the league) that Elliott has been cleared. The news would potentially emerge on a Friday afternoon between now and Labor Day, with the goal of minimizing the questions that would arise from whatever information the NFL chooses to provide in support of its final decision.

For now, the signs point to the third option. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has made abundantly clear his belief that the situation is a non-issue, and it’s possible (if not likely) that the more-powerful-than-ever new Hall of Famer would react to a suspension of Elliott with far more hostility and aggression than others have, or would.

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  1. Wait until the investigators say to him, “We don’t need your phone.” Then suspend him 4 games for not giving it to them.

    BTW, no player has ever given up his phone.

  2. There is no way on earth Goodell will do anything since it’s the Cowboys and Jerrah.

    No way.

    Dallas is one of the protected franchises.

    Remember what Goodell did for Baltimore with Ray Rice? He lied outright twice to protect Baltimore because he wanted to keep his golf connection (Bisciotti) to Augusta AND because Goodell knew if Baltimore was forced to cut Ray Rice, a 9.5 mil cap hit would hit in 2015, which would dismantle Baltimore’s cap position and be one less team that could challenge NE in the AFC.

    And, we all know about Framegate with Harbaugh/Bisciotti working with Goodell and the Colts to frame with the orchestrated sting job.

  3. The next steps? Interesting question. Since he isn’t playing for the Pats, it wont be the contrived fake outrage that he didn’t give up his phone. No one cares Favre didnt give up his phone, he was commended for it. Also, when writing his decision, the Commish wont change Elliott’s under oath testimony to fit his own agenda. And he wont be punished in any way because he “fully cooperated with the investigators”, unlike Brady who dared to not give up the phone that he was told he didn’t need to give up. Lets not forget that fact, regardless of how you feel about the phone, the NFL did not want it, and did not need it, until they knew it was destroyed, then they all of a sudden wanted it, convenient for the NFL to then use that against him. So really, what is going to happen is a whole bunch of nothing. Consider yourself lucky Zeke, if you played for a team that won 5 rings in the last 15 years you’d be screwed

  4. Next Step; check his background and be sure at no time did he disrespect the National Anthem. Drugs-OK, Violence toward women-OK, Illegal Firearms-OK. The Cowboys will not let any protests get by them, it’s an NFL rule.

  5. Fourth they could call in a special investigator. May I suggest a certain guy named Comey?

  6. Isn’t that the second accusation against him? Not even counting the incident where he pulled a woman’s shirt down to show her chest while on a parade float.

    Suspend him 4 games. Big Ben was suspended 4 games for being accused, not even charged by police.

  7. ..to comply with, “a long standing request.”

    Really? makes it sound like NFL investigators have been delayed, rather than the reality that they’ve dragged their feet at every turn of this investigation. And even if this were true, doesn’t this further prove how ineffectual, weak the league investigations are? They can’t even get their hands on some phone records, and meanwhile, the public has already viewed various texts, mainly ones that clearly showed Zeke’s accuser clearly trying to set him up.

  8. donterrelli says:
    Jun 2, 2017 11:10 AM

    Suspend him 4 games. Big Ben was suspended 4 games for being accused, not even charged by police.
    Ben was suspended for raping multiple women. Stick that head back in the sand, nothing to see here.

  9. They’re OK with this sort of thing in Dallas. Make sure you keep buying those Cowboys jerseys ladies.

  10. the headline is actually a rhetorical question.

    ezekiel is neither a kicker nor a washed up rb.

    he is a young, star, rb with a lot of earning potential for the league.

  11. This has been going on as long as the fake Russia investigation. Still nothing. For both.

  12. there is no reason why Jerry should be “powerful” in NFL circles…it goes to show you the kind of pepo the owners are…

  13. Where are all the haters with the “terrible franchise” “would hire manson” “don’t care who they have on the team”” comments?

    Oh yeah – I forgot – the ‘boys haven’t won 5 superbowls in recent history. Haters only hate on the best team in history…


  14. daddeeo says:
    Jun 2, 2017 4:15 PM
    Where are all the haters with the “terrible franchise” “would hire manson” “don’t care who they have on the team”” comments?


    I give you the cowboys the most terrible franchise around
    They would hire Charlie Manson
    Because they don’t care who they have on their team

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