Bobby Hart confident he’ll prove Giants right

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The offseason started with a lot of discussion about what the Giants would do to bolster an offensive line that failed to impress last season, but they opted not to make any major changes.

They signed D.J. Fluker and drafted Adam Bisnowaty in the sixth round while Marshall Newhouse left as a free agent, which means Ereck Flowers and Bobby Hart are set to return at left and right tackle. It was a big show of faith in two players who didn’t win many accolades last season.

Hart agrees with that assessment, saying “my play wasn’t top-tier,” and vows that his play will prove the Giants right for sticking with him.

“I’m definitely confident in that,” Hart said, via “I’m confident in everything I do. I just know that if I keep working on the things I need to work on, the sky is the limit.”

Hart and Flowers have spent the offseason training together in New Jersey, which Hart said allowed them to “just get in a groove and go work on the things you need to work on.” A step forward from both players would erase a major drawback from last year’s Giants offense and make the team look smart for giving the duo another chance when most were asking them to do the opposite.

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  1. Blah, actions speak louder than words. The worst position group on the team, with the LB’s a close 2nd. When you are in charge of blocking one of the most immobile qb’s that also has fumbling issues you need to be top tier. The Giants would be a top 5 team if that oline could just Eli a couple more seconds, you have one of the best WR group in your teams history, yet Eli is throwing these 3 yard passes to TE’s that were converted Fullbacks, and may not even be on the roster come week 1. Just go do it, and stop talking about all this “training” you’re doing with Erek “offensive holding” Flowers

  2. They are our tackles and that’s it. Get behind them or get off the bus. If they are not quite good enough then blame Jerry Reece. But as long as they are out there giving you all they have to give – then get behind them or get off the bus.

  3. Hart isn’t the issue. It’s Flowers.

    In pass protection, Hart was made to look bad because John Jerry was playing next to him.

    Flowers was flat out awful at times; particularly when he had his hands down and not moving his feet.

    Giants already ARE a Top 5 team, they’d be Super Bowl favorites if the bookend tackles played up to par.

    And a franchise Mike, which we haven’t had in a decade, would help.

  4. Listen pologroundsvet I understand you’re sentiment, “you’re right they’re giving it their all.” That’s a problem when you’ve proven your best just sucks. Yes, you’ve done nothing, but prove jerry Reese knows little about drafting tackles in the first round. Hey I’m am pulling for you as we all should. I haven’t seen too many good passes out of his back ups.

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