Dez Bryant asks Cowboys to let him return punts

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As a rookie in 2010, Dez Bryant was one of the best punt returners in the NFL, with a 14.3-yard average and two touchdowns. But the Cowboys later decided Bryant was too important at his primary position of wide receiver to risk an injury on special teams.

Now Bryant is asking for another chance. He was practicing catching punts last week at Organized Team Activities, and he has asked special teams coach Rich Bisaccia to give him a shot in a game.

I’m always in Coach Bisaccia’s ear,” Bryant said. “That’s why I’m back there practicing. I’m going to get me one of them, I’m telling you. I’m going to crib it. I’m telling you I’m going to score.”

Don’t expect Bryant to get his wish. The Cowboys drafted receiver Ryan Switzer in the fourth round this year in part so he can return punts, and receivers Lucky Whitehead and Cole Beasley would be ahead of Bryant as well. Bryant’s days returning punts are probably over, even if it says a lot about him as a competitor that he still wants to do it.

28 responses to “Dez Bryant asks Cowboys to let him return punts

  1. Absolutely not Dez. We need you as a receiver. It risks way too much chance for injury.

  2. Sounds like more friendly competition with Odell… OBJ scored twice on punt returns last year, only to have them called back on penalties away from the ball.

  3. Does anyone remember his rookie year when the Cowboys let Dez
    return punts? Every return was an adventure. Dez had trouble catching and his judgement whether to fair catch or run was awful.
    He also had a tendency to fight too long instead of going down, this led to fumbles. The Cowboys should ignore this offer.

  4. Dez can return punts to the referee that he catches while hanging out on the sideline. That and a coloring book should keep him occupied.

  5. Umm how about no? You’ll end up getting hurt again like you always do when this happens. Catch the ball shut your mouth and do your job. Switzer and Beasley can handle the punt return duties.

  6. What a great, noble man. Willing to sacrifice all his bling for special teams. I simply dont have the words.

  7. tonebones says:
    Jun 4, 2017 10:37 AM
    No Dez. Just become a HOF WR. Let Switzer handle punts.


    Ha! Thats a good one. Maybe I can get in the HOF too. Wow, you are seriously delusional, dude.

  8. Tim Brown did it for more than half his career (doing it less when he was older), and it didn’t limit his effectiveness. I really never understand why today’s athletes, who are supposed to be faster, stronger, better, cannot seem to play as many plays or hold up to a little more playing time (in any sport, not just the NFL).

  9. I think he should do it like Primetime Sanders used to. Just mix it up every once in awhile, and maybe in a big time spot or a playoff game. Other than that, just let Switzer handle the job.

  10. “Dez Bryant asks Cowboys to let him return punts”

    Cowboys asks Dez Bryant to stay healthy.

    This is our year and would be nice to have you healthy for our Superbowl run.

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