“No question” Earl Thomas will be ready for camp

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When he wasn’t talking about locker room harmony or visiting with Colin Kaepernick during a Friday press conference, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll spent some time updating injury situations on his roster.

One of them was safety Earl Thomas, whose immediate reaction to fracturing his leg last season was to talk about retiring from the sport. Thomas moved on from that possibility a short time later and it looks like that was the right move because he’s at a level that led Carroll to say that the safety is “working a lot more than what we thought he would.”

“Today we took it easy just to make sure we finish this week out on the field, but he did the early work, and probably the guy that jumped out the most to me of all guys was Earl,” Carroll said. “His ability when he came into work on Tuesday, he was able to get a lot of reps and he was working at top speed and he was really fired up about it too because he wasn’t quite sure himself how far he could go, so he’s making good progress. There will be no question about him being ready to go when we get back to camp.”

The Seahawks went on to win the NFC West and a playoff game despite Thomas’ loss, but there’s no question that they’re a better defense with him on the field. If all continues on the current track, that will be the case come September.

4 responses to ““No question” Earl Thomas will be ready for camp

  1. Seahawks will be motivated like we’ve never seen before. Finally caught a break on the schedule this season with travel & 10am games. With all the outside fuel of dysfunction expect a HUGE season from the Seahawks if they aren’t incredibly unlucky with injuries as they were last year. 12 wins is a very realistic number. Top 10 offense top 5 defense like every year except last.

    The Seahawks will be the bully again this year wait and see.

  2. The Seahawks will be the bully again this year wait and see.
    Not likely, they will still have problems with O-line.

    One thing is for sure though, If the Hawks DO play well, I expect 2012s to here on here crowing about it…..


    If the Hawks go 8-8, or 7-9, or 6-10, I expect 2012s to do what ya’ll do after every crushing postseason loss, hide from your keyboards awhile.

  3. This is great news! Glad to see Earl back. The 2017 – 2018 Seattle Seahawks will be NFC West Division champions with 14 wins and home field advantage this year. All the noise with C. Kap and drumming up past Super Bowl drama is just that…. NOISE!

    All the while our Seahawks are getting ready for the season of their lives! The Hater’s are gonna keep hatin, they can’t stand seeing our Hawks doing so amazing year after year. So hear me when I say,” our Hawks are coming after all of your teams! “One at a time, game after game” you should all be afraid of the 2017 hawks! Or have you not learned your lessons? Getting schooled year after year, game after game? Rant over 🙂 Go Hawks!

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