Sean Payton: Adrian Peterson’s aging defies conventional wisdom


Saints running back Adrian Peterson looked like age had caught up to him last season in Minnesota, as he managed to play in just three games and averaged a meager 1.9 yards a carry. But coach Sean Payton says Peterson looks like a kid again at Organized Team Activities.

Payton says everything he has seen from Peterson at the Saints’ facility this offseason indicates that he isn’t aging like most athletes.

“He’d be the one guy that you would say’s already gone against conventional wisdom,” Payton said, via the New Orleans Advocate. “With not only his skill set, but also his physical ability and the way he trains, I think he is excited to get back.”

That sounds good in June, but it remains to be seen whether Peterson can last for 16 games and play effectively from September through December. Few players who have an injury-plagued and ineffective season at age 31 bounce back at age 32. Payton has to hope his team signed an exception.

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  1. Maybe I didn’t watch enough Vikings game last year, but it seemed to me the reason why AD had subpar games is because the O-Line was so bad. There was simply nowhere to run.

  2. Why doesn’t the number on his helmet match his jersey in that pic? I’m sure Goodell will fine him.

  3. I am a Viking fan. I think Peterson held us back from success since 2009. Yeah, a handful of exciting plays once in a while. But he’s a fumbling, one trick Johnny who can’t play out of the shotgun. I was a fan of him until about half-way through the NFC championship in ’09. Maybe the ‘Aints will use him exclusively for 2nd down on short yardage. That might work. Glad he’s not here anymore though!

  4. I disagree, last year he very much looked like an over 30 RB and this year will probably be more of the same

  5. Defies conventional wisdom? In baseball that means you’re in line for a suspension.

  6. He will have a very good season. 1,000+ yards. 8 TD’s. I have no doubt. His injuries have all been different. He’s a physical beast. Yes, he has fumbled. Why? Trying to get those extra yards. It’s a simple fix, really. He was the sole focus of every defense while playing in MN. Now, how is the defense going to put 8-9 in the box against Brees? They can’t. I just hope it takes him longer than 1 game to heat up, as they play the Monday night opener against the Vikings.

  7. squishman says:
    Jun 4, 2017 2:20 PM
    I am a Viking fan. I think Peterson held us back from success since 2009.
    Teddy Bridgewater, as a rookie.
    Shaun Hill
    Christian Ponder
    Matt Cassell
    Josh Freeman
    Donovan McNabb, as a very old QB
    Tarvaris Jackson
    Joe Webb

    Which one of these guys would you have wanted to put the offenses hands in, over AP?

  8. He’s had a full offseason to recover from the injury he sustained early last year. The Saints players and coaches have seen many good athletes and I’ll take their word if Adrian is looking above average. After all they didn’t get him in need of a starting RB. This is a bonus if they get the freak talent he has proven to be.

    Who are these commenters and reporters to question them when they haven’t seen anything of Adrian yet? Lol.

  9. All Day A.P.*

    * except for 3rd down, or trailing by more than 14 points, or obvious passing downs, or when he’s hurt.

  10. Too Bad Donkey and Dolt fans, Pey-me the stat monger, will never remove the sating of PEDs from his legacy.
    All 3 Denver SB’s are forever immersed in asterisks, cheating and foul play.

  11. Recently watched Vikings games from 2008 and 2010. Ithe was obvious to me that although he will surely have some long runs, he isn’t as quick as he was when younger. That burst that allowed him to be patient with his OL isn’t there anymore.

    I truly wish him well and want to thank him for being such a great Viking, but the time was right for the two sides to part.

  12. He doesn’t have to grind out 16 games. He’s not going to be the bell cow in N.O.
    You do know the Saints have a guy named Mark Ingram?
    And also drafted a guy named Alvin Kamara?
    Is this a sports site? Do ya’ll have anybody who knows sports?

  13. It’s clear to everyone but the barely conscience skoltrolls their hypocrisy. The lying phonies will say anything to protect their frailties.

  14. I’ve heard this every year since 2013. Yeah, he’s a physical marvel, but that doesn’t mean he can still play football. He just doesn’t have enough skills to be a valuable player anymore. If he’s in the game, he’s either getting the ball or he’s a liability. Great player in his day, but I’m glad he’s gone.

  15. PEDs don’t defy conventional wisdom. They explain how athletes get stronger as they age.

    The bigger mystery is how Payton and his crack medical staff could miss Nick Fairley’s heart condition before re-signing him to a four-year, $28 million contract. And how Payton continues to survive after three 7-9 seasons despite having personnel power.

    Those are the real questions those of us who are Saints fans want answered, not how Adrian Peterson is stronger as he ages. And then media types wonder why their business keeps shrinking. It’s because they focus on fluff pieces on people like Peterson instead of doing some digging and wondering why this guy is stronger despite two major injuries and advancing age.

  16. dawoger says:
    “It’s clear to everyone but the barely conscience skoltrolls their hypocrisy. The lying phonies will say anything to protect their frailties.”

    So, what’s weird aaron’s excuse?

  17. dawoger says:
    Jun 4, 2017 3:45 PM
    It’s clear to everyone but the barely conscience skoltrolls their hypocrisy. The lying phonies will say anything to protect their frailties.
    Watching your Packers decline back to 70s and 80s talent level as the Vikings are becoming an elite team must hard on cheesetrolls. So much hate.

  18. If Brady can play into 40’s with the help of Italian and Brazilian HGH, why can’t a 32 year old Peterson manage one more productive season?

  19. Why doesn’t the number on his helmet match his jersey in that pic? I’m sure Goodell will fine him.

    pretty sure it’s a tribute to Cortez Kennedy.

  20. He shouldn’t be worn out, he hasn’t played but 5 games in three years! Plus he got 30 million to boot.

  21. Peterson is very, very good at running the football with the QB under center but that’s all he’s ever been good at… unless all of the Vikings’ coaching staffs he played under are/were inept.

    Given a choice between Peterson in his prime vs Matt Forte in his prime, I’d take Forte every time… and I’m not a Bears fan.

    I’m sure the purples will now hop up and down and tell me all about that one game where Peterson ran for 18,473 yards and 67 touchdowns against the Packers on one leg but they’ll fail to mention the fact that, as usual, the Vikings lost.

  22. 327 carries 1,485 yards and 11 TDs in 2015. It’s now 2017, but please tell us more about how he hasn’t helped the Vikings since 2009. Lol idiot.

  23. Happy summer vacation packet fans. Out of respect, try to wakeup before your parents get home from work. Hopefully AP has a healthy and productive season, just maybe not so productive in the first game.

  24. senatorblutarsky says:
    Jun 4, 2017 7:33 PM

    I will admit that HGH has certainly extended his playing lifespan.


    Try to pay attention. This article isn’t about clay cromagnon matthews.

  25. Wait….he participated in voluntary workouts? Be careful, Peyton, you might use him up before the season starts.

  26. I honestly wish AP and the Saints the best from the second game of the season on. With a quality O-line, AP has the chance to succeed. However, folks really need to look into the post-injury success of players after severe bucket-handle meniscus tears like AP had. An ACL is one thing, but severe meniscus tears are the beginning of the end. I hope I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that knee is a problem before the season ends.

  27. One tackle away from blowing out his knee again.
    Good luck, Sean. They all look good in shorts and t-shirts.

  28. You do realize the Saints are not counting on AP to be the primary back? The Saints don’t run shotgun all of the time. Mark Ingram is the #1 back and AP is here to replace Tim Hightower. Daniel Lasco is also on the rotation and runs angry. AP will get touches, but nothing like MN.

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