Tyrod Taylor joins the effort to recruit Jeremy Maclin

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Running back LeSean McCoy isn’t the only member of the Buffalo Bills who’s trying to bring receiver Jeremy Maclin to town. Quarterback Tyrod Taylor is on the case, too.

“Today was the first day I seen Shady,” Taylor said Sunday at McCoy’s charity softball game, via Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News. “We texted about it, but [I] want to get Maclin’s number and try to reach out to him. Just to see what his thoughts, what is he thinking moving forward and try to get him here.”

Taylor reacted to the news that Maclin had been released by the Chiefs the same way everyone else did.

“I was definitely surprised that it happened,” Taylor said. “You don’t know the reasons, but what I know, from what I’ve seen from Jeremy Maclin, he’s definitely a great player. . . . I know some of our coaches have spent some time with him, as well. Would love to have a guy like him on our team competing and coming out and making plays for us. Especially means a lot to our wide receiver room, putting another veteran guy with a whole bunch of talent and still potential left to reach his best. I would love to have him.”

The real question is whether the coaching staff and front office would love to have Maclin, and whether the Bills will offer an amount that competes favorably with whatever Maclin is offered by other teams.

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  1. Word in Buffalo is that Pegula’s private jet left an hour or so ago towards Maclin’s home and is on the way back to Buffalo as I write this… #BillsMafia #BuffaLove #GoBills

  2. Maclin has a bum ankle. He cannot plant on it or cut like he’s used to. Same thing happened to Nnamdi Asomugha and was never the same. Great talent hindered by injury. Hope he can get over it.

  3. No disrespect to Maclin as he is a decent WR but if a QB is clamoring for him and supposedly the team is sending a private jet to fetch him then your team has serious WR issues.

  4. Maclin played hurt for the Jets and while he was limited, he tried.

    I guess they would rather roll with Tyreek Hill instead. Or they are worried about Maclin’s Ankle moving forward–it still seems like an odd time to cut him.

    We’ll see if he can pass a physical.

    Maybe Alex Smith is next? They’ll throw Pat Mahomes to the wolves? I hope not.
    Although I still can’t believe they took Mahomes ahead of Deshaun Watson. It could be a brilliant move. But when Mahomes still takes 15 minutes to try to tie the game with seconds left, Andy Reid will still be confused why people don’t like his clock management. After he tries to throw a challenge flag with less than 2 minutes to go in the half.

  5. “Tyrod Taylor joins the effort to recruit Jeremy Maclin”

    Taylor needs to recruit himself first because he sucks.

  6. EJ says:
    Jun 4, 2017 10:21 PM
    Word in Buffalo is that Pegula’s private jet left an hour or so ago towards Maclin’s home and is on the way back to Buffalo as I write this… #BillsMafia #BuffaLove #GoBills
    This is so classic Buffalo. They make a big deal out of nothing because they have nothing.

    Remember when they signed Mario Williams and acted like they finally won a Super Bowl?

    Good times. SMH.

  7. “Today is the first day I seen Shady”- just what every owner wants to hear from his starting qb.

  8. “If you want the money, go to Buffalo. If you want the ring, got New England.”

    Lolz he’d be something like the 6th receiver on the Pats and that’s not counting TEs

    Pats have zero need for this guy

  9. I thought Buffalo was hard against the cap. And they could not afford to sign Gillislee. How are they going to sign Maclin?

  10. grogansheroes. It’s pretty easy to structure a contract that is very cap friendly in year 1. 4 or 5 years, large signing bonus, small year 1 salary, nothing guaranteed but the bonus. Dead money is the problem, but that is a later year issue unless he can’t even make the team. With the Bills current receiving corps, that would only be because of injury. Something I suspect the Bills are already wary about.

  11. How on earth can they be trying to recruit Jeremy Maclin when Colin Kaepernick is still available?

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