Brandon Jacobs: “Michigan freaks” blew up Jim Harbaugh comments

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Former NFL running back Brandon Jacobs has had plenty to say about the brief time he spent playing for Jim Harbaugh with the 49ers, but he thinks Harbaugh’s biggest fans are overreacting.

Jacobs said he didn’t expect his comment that Harbaugh didn’t know what he was doing as coach of the 49ers to get so much attention, and he blames Michigan fans for making it a bigger deal than it needed to be.

“It’s something that got blown out of proportion,” Jacobs told All Access Football. “The Michigan freaks blew it out of proportion.”

Jacobs reiterated what he has said many times: He and Harbaugh do not get along.

“Me and Jim, we don’t get along, he don’t like me and I don’t like him. He’s doing a good job at Michigan. On the college level he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing. I don’t knock what Jim is doing. Again, I don’t like him, he don’t like me, and that’s just where we leave it.”

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  1. Is it the norm in this country now to make statements one day and then do a 180 a few days later.
    You know what you said, Brandon, stand by it and take what is disdhed out to you like a man.

  2. Brandon Jacobs is mouthing off again. When have we seen this act before? Oh year, when he left the Giants. And when he left SF.

  3. What did he expect when he says it’s his primary goal to get Jim Harbaugh fired? Did he expect everyone who is a fan of Harbaugh or Michigan to not make a peep? He essentially came across as a bitter stalker who is obsessed with a former employer and got fired. Clarification, he actually is a bitter stalker who threatened to get his former boss fired.

    Brandon, your career is over. You are history. You are a total stalker. It’s sad/scary.

  4. Jim Harbaugh is very relevant and that bothers Jacobs. At some point, Harbaugh will be back in the NFL on his own terms. He’s a great coach who should look for a position with a great owner where he’ll get final say on personnel

  5. JB would’ve been a perfect Seahawk before Harblow got booted out of San Francisco.

  6. Yo Brandon… Why didn’t you say it like it was. You just didn’t get along with Harbaugh. I mean, ragging on his coaching style is ridiculous. Where are the 49ers now?

  7. Last week Brandon wasn’t stopping until he got Jim fired. What happened to that?

  8. Sorry Mr. Jacobs, I hate Michigan Wolverine football and you are still not only wrong, but you evidently can’t seem to bury the hatchet and move on with your life. Let it go and be free…

  9. Jacobs was an imperfect RB with a love for talking trash. As a Giants fan, I liked him a lot. He had some major highlights and told Rex to shut up when Rex deserved to be put in his place.

    Harbaugh comes off as a preening know it all. Jacobs loves to mess with those types.

  10. It’s hard to walk back a statement like “he doesn’t know what he’s doing”. Harbaugh still took the high road. Jacobs, instead of claiming that Michigan’s fans blew it out of proportion,should just quietly go back into being irrelevant.. End of story.

  11. Brandon was right. After the 49ers released him he went back to the Giants and had a monster year then retired to start the clock for his HOF nomination. Yup. If only he got more carries in SF Harbaugh would have a ring.
    Alternative facts

  12. I really like Brandon Jacobs as a Giants fan, but I respect Harbaugh for what he’s done as a coach. I really think Brandon should just keep his mouth shut moving forward though. He’s not making himself look good.

  13. Gotta love the offseason…when idiots and their story come to light because there is nothing else going on in the NFL. SMH

    Ever notice everybody that’s talked about in the offseason isn’t in Jan and Feb?

  14. Mentioned in a comment above, I feel like the whole country is taking crazy pills. Does nobody remember his words? He said nothing about him doing a good job at the college level, in fact he said quite the opposite and that he would get him fired for it. Just, wow. People used to watch their words so carefully, because a reputation took a lifetime to build and could be ruined with one lie or one slip of the tongue. Now, say whatever you want, then say something totally different the next day, and by day 3 nobody remembers anything anyone said, or at least, nobody holds anyone accountable anymore.

    Not just a dig at POTUS though he is definitely the worst. I’m talking about everyone, it is everywhere all the time. Dems, GOP, supporters of both and everyone outside and in between. I’m not biting though. Words still mean something to me, and I won’t forget.

  15. I hated watching Jacobs run because for the biggest back in the NFL to be dancing is just shameful. Brandon Jacobs was the softest power back in the history of the NFL. His comments underscore his cotton soft nature.

  16. Good grief!
    They had a 6 month business relationship, max, including OTAs??? I can only imagine that the first girl to break up with Jacobs dealt with worse.

  17. Fleeting fame just called Brandon. Seems your 15 minutes were up 10 years ago. They’d like you to please cease and desist.

  18. The only thing I enjoyed about the 2008 Super Bowl: Watching Brandon Jacobs shut his mouth and walk away when Vince Wilfork got in his face.

  19. Quote from Abe Lincoln: “I don’t like that man”…. “I think I’ll try to get to know him better”.

  20. deprado1 , playing in a Super Bowl doesn’t give you the right to make stupid statements , not even a little .

  21. Harbaugh turned around Stanford.
    Look at SF before and after Harbaugh was there.
    He got to the SB with Kaepernick as a QB.
    Anyone who says he sucks doesn’t know anything about football.

  22. I don’t think it was only Michigan fans Brandon. It was also fans of logic, fans of reason, fans of common sense etc.

    Harbaugh has done nothing but improve teams and win where ever he has gone. He obviously knows what he is doing.

  23. Jacobs is OUT of the NFL….who cares what he has to say?. Harbaugh is a great coach at both the Pro and college levels and someday he’ll be a head coach again in the NFL. Jacobs should just take up a hobby.

  24. Ha, postintelligence! Funny and likely true.

    alwaters9 said:

    “His IQ is lower than his uniform number was.”

    I would guess that less than 5 percent of fans of teams other than the 49ers or Giants remember this gas bag’s jersey number, but since NFL doesn’t issue negatives, this is a sure bet.

  25. “Me and Jim, we don’t get along, he don’t like me and I don’t like him…”

    Brandon you give yourself too much credit. Five years ago, you had 5 carries for 7 yds over two games.

    I would be surprised if Harbaugh even remembers you.

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