Cam Newton to begin throwing on side at minicamp


The Panthers have been confident that even though quarterback Cam Newton waited until March to have shoulder surgery, that he’d be ready for training camp.

He appears to be close to at least a small step in that direction.

According to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Newton was likely to throw on the side during next week’s minicamp.

While that’s a far cry from actual throwing, it’s a sign that his surgically repaired throwing shoulder is responding well.

So far, Newton has been limited to mental reps during OTAs, and won’t be doing team drills during minicamp.

But they certainly need him up and running as soon as possible, since they’re tweaking their offense considerably. With the addition of Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel, the Panthers are trying to evolve their passing game to feature more quick passes from Newton. That’s never necessarily been his strength, but they think it can give them a new element which could take some of the pressure off him, and keep him from needing to run as much as he has in the past.

17 responses to “Cam Newton to begin throwing on side at minicamp

  1. Has disaster written all over it….Poor Panthers fans. An entitled primadonna QB who is so into himself, he has no idea what it takes to be a winner.

  2. Don’t wish injury on him and hope he recovers and plays well… but he’s become ‘the guy’ I want to see LOSE… all attitudinal too.

  3. He had better start getting it or he may have a short career in Carolina and they may decide to go in another direction in the future. He has never been and adequate passer in his career and still sails throws over the heads of six foot plus receivers. He is more of a threat to run than anything else and that is taking its toll and very good defenses have no trouble stopping him. His chances in Carolina are going to eventually run out and sooner rather than later. Tom Brady he is not.

  4. motsuret06 says:
    Jun 5, 2017 11:51 AM
    … Tom Brady he is not.
    Agreed. But just two seasons ago he tore up the league and was MVP on a team that lost one game and scored at will before he got sacked and blitzed to death in the SB. I recall another offensive juggernaut several years ago that went undefeated before the superstar QB got sacked and blitzed to death in the SB. The Giants one that game.

    You’re right, he’s no TB – nobody is, but when he’s “on” he’s still better than most other QBs in the league.

  5. Did you see Tom Brady dive at the defender in the super bowl after the interception?

    Compare that to Cam refusing to jump on a fumble right in front of him.

    So people just don’t get it.

    Cam does not get it.

  6. Division Champion, Conference Champion, NFL MVP and runner-up Super Bowl. And Cam doesn’t get it! The hate for Black QBs leads to haters and idiots………….

  7. Looks like he’s on schedule. He’s got a better O-line (it would take a lot of work to be worse than the one we had last year), two more playmakers in McCaffrey & Samuel, and the best TE in the NFL (no, Gronk doesn’t play enough games to be the best anymore). All signs pointing up!

  8. Comparing Cam and Brady makes little sense. One plays in the greatest system in football history and the other doesn’t. If Brady played for the Panthers would he have won in the SB? Hard to say. The same Broncos defense that beat up Cam in the SB beat up Brady two weeks earlier in the AFCC game. A system QB like Brady should not be the standard for judging QBs in this league.

  9. I’ve had shoulder surgery about 18 months ago where they did just a little bit of clean up on my rotator cuff. The fact that he’s throwing the ball at all after 3 months is amazing to me. It was probably 9 months before I could do most everyday things and moving without the likelihood of experiencing breathtaking pain. Say what you want but he’s not out throwing at all without putting in a lot sweat and pain to get there. That in itself tells me all I need to know about his commitment. He may never be the most accurate or cerebral QB in the game – but I’d take a guy with the level of commitment he’s showing and feel pretty good that we could be pretty successful over the long term.

  10. patsfan4lifesbchamps, I’m not sure what games you watch but Brady is anything but a system QB.

    For me, the jury is still out on Cam. A hell of a talent, but I was rooting for then in the SB and will probably never get over watching him jump back from his fumble. Currently when I think of Cam I think of a “me first” guy who wants to be in the spotlight. Maybe that will change this season.

  11. “Has disaster written all over it….Poor Panthers fans. An entitled primadonna QB who is so into himself, he has no idea what it takes to be a winner.” <I read stuff like this and cant help but laugh, Cam was an MVP who went 15 – 1 and made it to the super bowl in 2015. And yes I know he didn't dive on a fumble or look good against one of the best defenses in the last decade. Poor us? The browns haven't had a probowl QB since our backup was their starter. There are about 20 teams in the league who have had less success than the Panthers since Cam has come into the league. I appreciate the concern, but we're doing fine.

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