DeMarcus Lawrence claims Cowboys’ DL underrated

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The Cowboys haven’t ranked in the top 10 in sacks since 2011. They haven’t had a double-digit sack leader since defensive tackle Jason Hatcher made 11 in 2013.

Yet, DeMarcus Lawrence argues the Cowboys defensive line is underrated. Really, that’s what he said.

“I mean, all right, let me tell you something,” Lawrence said via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “I’m pretty sure that we were fifth in the NFL in sacks last year. Am I correct? So I don’t feel like it’s pressure. I feel like we need to keep getting better as a unit because everybody is talking down on the D-line like we weren’t doing our job last year. Yeah, we lost in the playoffs, but we still was doing our job. I don’t feel like y’all give us enough credit as a unit for what we should have.”

The Cowboys actually ranked 13th in sacks last season. Benson Mayowa led the team with six. Lawrence, who showed promise in 2015 with eight sacks, had only one sack in nine games last season.

It’s easy to counter Lawrence by pointing out that their inability to get to Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs cost the Cowboys a chance to advance to the NFC title game for the first time since 1995. The only two sacks the Cowboys had of the Packers quarterback in the divisional-round game came on safety blitzes.

It’s a reason, along with the suspensions of defensive linemen David Irving and Randy Gregory, that the Cowboys used their first-round pick on Michigan defensive end Taco Charlton.

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  1. Lawrence was incorrect – Dallas was 5th in total points allowed defensively. But it really doesn’t matter what happened in 2016 for their D. They have new players on D, and they are young. That was last year, this is a new season, and what happens this year is what counts.

    Marinelli has done more with less than most Defensive Coordinators. The Cowboys stat sacks will likely be improve, especially with a healthy Crawford, a now healthy Charles Tapper, Damontre Moore, David Irving, Maliek Collins entering his second year, and the rookie Charlton.

    What matters is how the 2017 D plays, and what production the team has on both sides of the ball. Besides, a very good offense that controls the ball and the clock is akin to a very good defense. Dallas controlled the ball and clock well last year, and may do it even better this year. Time will tell.

  2. The author says “Really, that’s what he said”, as if the claim is OBVIOUSLY wrong. But being underrated is RELATIVE to how bad people say you are.

    Dallas’s pass rush is supposed to be garbage, among the worst in the business, and yet as this article points out the team was 13th in sacks. That doesn’t say it all – Dallas’s defense faced plenty of passes – but because it is treated as a bottom-five (or worse) unit, that is clearly a gap.

    And oh yeah, this “13th in sacks” figure was done with Lawrence (the team’s best pass rusher) suspended or ineffective due to injury for most of the season, and with the team’s other best all-around DLman stuck with a shoulder problem. In other words, this was a DOWN year for the Dallas DL in terms of health and luck, and yet it was still half-decent at rushing. So, FACT: the unit is underrated (which again isn’t hard, because it is treated as so bad).

    Also also, the “only two sacks” against GB comment is quite literally idiotic, as two sacks a game would be 32 total, nearly a league-average figure. Yes, if you could achieve league-average sack figures facing only GB’s offense, you have an acceptable-or-better pass rush.

  3. Well 13th is almost 5th. I mean 13 goes into 32 five times, so that is one fifth right?

    NFC East 2017 will be

  4. D-Law,

    show us all that you are not a bust or being injured or on the suspended list. The Cowboys traded up to get you, now show them that the move paid off, plus you are playing for another contract coming up soon.

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