Frank Reich: Carson Wentz’s mechanics, footwork look good

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Earlier this offseason, there was word from Philadelphia that some in the Eagles organization weren’t thrilled about quarterback Carson Wentz spending time with quarterback coaches Tom House and Adam Dedeaux in California before the start of the team’s offseason workouts.

During a press conference on Monday, offensive coordinator Frank Reich said that such offseason sessions didn’t go on during his playing career but that he had no issue with Wentz scratching “an itch to get better” with the outside help. Reich also shared coach Doug Pederson’s view that Wentz has not made any radical changes.

Reich said that Wentz’s accuracy and pocket awareness have looked good and that the work, which centered on footwork, is just part of the overall progression for a player heading into his second season.

“Some of it is weight transfer,” Reich said in comments distributed by the team. “Obviously we talked about it at some level, and he told me the two or three things that they were talking to him about — always talking about target line, everybody is always talking about target line. You talk about weight transfer. It’s like a golfer. It’s like a golf swing — weight transfer, move hips and stuff like that. And so I think that there are things that you can do to kind of practice those movements. Like I said, everything from the technical, mechanical side that I’ve seen with Carson has all been pretty good, and it’s all … I’ve always looked at it like there’s a natural progression with every player, and he was just like every other player who’s coming in as a rookie. Just needs to continue to work on that. I think his footwork has been good.”

Wentz has plenty of company around the league when it comes to visiting House and Dedeaux for offseason work and the on-field work of many of those players has been good. If Wentz’s play this fall lands him in the same boat, there probably won’t be much hand-wringing about how he got there.

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  1. Hopefully its better because he was a disaster the last 10 games of the season whether people want to admit it or not. It had little to do with his weapons.

  2. Wentz will eventually be one of the top QBs in the league.. He’s got some Aaron Rodgers similarities!

    Rams messed up really good and Cleveland did too!

  3. Tom Brady, even at 39, still works with Tom House. My guess is that Brady’s success relates as much to what he does with house as it does to eating avocado ice cream. Wentz took ownership of his career in deciding to work with House. I never understood the Eagles’ objections on this one.

  4. Yup. He’s white. Cant say he was terrible last year. The next aaron Rodgers even. It all makes sense now.

  5. Really? Again? The supposed hand wringing was a made up story by the widely known worst reporter in sports. It was based on supposed body language and speech patterns of the coach when he said for the tenth time he liked that he was trying to get better and had no problem with him getting help during the offseason when they werent allowed to have contact. Every single other reporter who was at that press conference, and has talked about the claims of the human turd emoji Marcus Hayes, has said that it was absolutely untrue.

    Reporters defend there own. No matter how flimsy and off base their reports are. The fact that so many others have called him out should tell you all you need to know.

    The guy is beyond biased, and the fact that you keep giving his racially motivated lies a platform, essentially giving them legitimacy, is disconcerting.

  6. cmoney20 says:
    Jun 5, 2017 1:00 PM
    Hopefully its better because he was a disaster the last 10 games of the season whether people want to admit it or not. It had little to do with his weapons

    Did you watch the games or the stats, because if you watched them that thought would never pop in your mind.

    If Carson Wentz had just the league average in passes dropped, 50/50 balls won, and offensive penalties he would have easily had 1000 more yards and 10 more tds.

    And Im not even accounting for yards and tds he would have had if penalties and drops didnt kill drives. Im just taking into account the passes dropped in the end zone and numerous 20,30,40 yard plays called back because jason Kelce cant stop holding after o-laying a dt. The illegal motions and formations bc Agholor and DGB have no clue how to lineup. The holdings, blocking down field, and illegal picks that happened on the opposite side of the field had no effect on the huge chunk plays except that it got it called back.

    But yeah his skill position players had nothing to do with it.

    Anyone who actually watched the games know, besides the turnovers which all but a few were completely his fault(with him also getting away with a hand full of picks), that he played very well all season. There was really only one game where he didnt give his team a chance to win, and was essentially the reason they lost. Which was the Bengals game.

  7. Not going to lie here, that doesn’t sound like a very reassuring tone. I’ve also seen and read about a lot of bad throws in OTAs, overthrows, etc. So, I dunno…we’ll see in a few months.

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